Lie Detector Test in Folkestone reveals Honeymoon Indiscretion

Our client suspected his bride of infidelity on their honeymoon. When they got back home he booked a lie detector test in Folkestone to put his doubts to rest.

John and Marie had been together for ten years when they decided to get hitched. It was difficult to organise due to the initial lockdown in the UK and they had to postpone twice. Eventually in July they decided to go ahead but could only have 30 guests. It was difficult reducing their guest list from 70 down to just 30 but they managed to get some people to watch the wedding via Zoom. This was surreal but meant their friends could attend, although not in person.

Honeymoon location

Their original destination was China; they had a three week honeymoon booked. However, the COVID-19 situation forced them to change destinations. Although not their first choice, they decided to go to the Canary Islands. Disappointed but not disheartened, they arrived at their 5 star, all-inclusive spa hotel. The weather was glorious and the first week went by really quickly, making lots of new friends. They were even on first name terms with the staff.

A little worse for wear

One evening they returned to the hotel after a day at the beach. They had been drinking all day and decided to have a nightcap. Juan the barman seemed very pleased to see them. They got chatting and one drink soon turned into a few. At around 2am John decided to go to bed. As he rose, his legs went from underneath him and Marie and Juan needed to help him to their room. Marie decided to go back to the bar for one last drink. John thought nothing of this in his drunken state and told her to go and enjoy herself.

At 5am John woke and was surprised to find his new wife not in bed beside him. Although a little concerned, he just assumed Marie was having a good time. After all, he’d told her to go hadn’t he? John drifted off and when he woke again at 9am, Marie was sleeping beside him.

At breakfast, they met up with another couple and they commented on how much fun Marie seemed to be having with Juan the previous evening. John asked Marie about it and she immediately became defensive. Why would he think she would cheat on her own honeymoon? John hadn’t accused her of infidelity at all and her reaction worried him.

Lie detector test in Folkestone

When they returned to the UK, John couldn’t get the thought out of his mind. He explained to Marie he wanted her to take a lie detector test in Folkestone. He said he knew deep down she hadn’t done anything but it would be something that would always bother him. Why not get it out of the way early in their marriage, rather than let it sit there and fester for the coming years?

John contacted us and booked the polygraph examination for the following week. They were both working from home and therefore it made sense to have the test administered there. John was also confident that Marie would feel more comfortable in her own home.

Marie seemed reluctant to take the test and during the pre-test interview, she admitted she had kissed Juan. However, her test results revealed that she hadn’t done anything else.

John was devastated by the kiss but Marie pleaded with him to stay with her. She explained she’d been caught up in the moment and very drunk. As soon as it happened, she had returned to their room and left Juan in the bar. John knew his wife and loved her. He forgave her indiscretion and they have put it behind them.

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