When a restaurant started losing significant customers and revenue, the blame focused on a new employee.  A lie detector test in East London resolved the issue but not in a way that was expected.

Justin’s case

Justin had heard rumours that his sous chef, Kevin, was stealing meat and replacing it with a cheaper alternative. He’d noticed something was wrong when his takings started to go down. Justin owned a restaurant in East London and they prided themselves on their signature steak. The main thing was that they’d always been busy, until their sous chef had changed a few months prior. Initially he thought it was the cooking but the sauces tasted amazing and in his opinion they were better than before.

Justin had approached Kevin about this. The rumour mill was doing overtime and the books spoke for themselves but Kevin denied any meddling with the product.  He assured Justin he was only working with the ingredients made available to him. Speaking to his wife Sue, she suggested a lie detector test in East London and although this would cost an already struggling business it was worth it.

Contractual Obligations

Kevin wasn’t keen on taking a polygraph test to say the very least but was obliged to as Sue had recently written it into her contracts for new staff at the restaurant. She’d discussed this with Justin and he’d had his reservations but in the end agreed. They’d had the odd pilfering from the till in the past. This fitted the same scenario, although stealing food wasn’t the initial reason for adding the clause in the contract. Sue pointed out that instant dismissal was a failure to comply with your contract, so Kevin reluctantly agreed.

It isn’t always who you think it is

The lie detector test in East London took place the very next week and the results returned within a few days. It was surprising to find that although Kevin knew who was switching the quality of the meat, it wasn’t him. After a very uncomfortable conversation with Kevin, Sue found it was Scott their head chef who had constructed the plan and was switching the meat. Kevin, being new to the business didn’t want any part of it but went along with it as he didn’t want to lose his new job. Scott was a family friend and had worked in the restaurant for over 10 years. Kevin had only been there a few months and knew if it came to his word against Scott’s, they’d take his side.

Friend or foe

Sue and Justin called a staff meeting and confronted the guilty party and surprisingly for Kevin, Scott admitted the theft. He confirmed he’d bought the cheaper meat and taken the expensive meat home. His wife had started a catering business and they were struggling to get it off the ground.

The lie detector test in East London had revealed the cheat but not the one they’d expected. This had damaged the reputation of Justin and Sue’s restaurant and reluctantly they had to let him go. Scott wasn’t the friend they thought he was and now the restaurant is doing well, with Kevin promoted to head chef.

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