Case Study – Lie Detector Test in Doncaster reveals Double Betrayal

Nov 14, 2022 | Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Whether it is instinct or a change in behaviour women tend to have a sixth sense about cheating partners. Serial cheaters are also practiced liars as our client discovered following a lie detector test in Doncaster.

Caroline’s story

Caroline knew something was wrong.  Her Turkish boyfriend Bayram, who had lived with her for 4 years, was staying out late at night. He worked in a hotel so initially it didn’t seem strange that he occasionally was given extra shifts. However, he didn’t seem to have much money to show for his efforts.  He always borrowed from her at the end of the month. Naturally when confronted he denied anything untoward.  He said she was being paranoid.

Weeks went by and Caroline became more suspicious. Bayram had some holiday time due and he said that he was going to use it to visit his family in Turkey.  Caroline had never met his family and was looking forward to meeting them.   When the time came to book the flights Bayram said that he didn’t want Caroline to go with him.  She could go next time he said, when he had told his family about her.  So in 4 years he had never mentioned her to his family! He explained that there were cultural differences to iron out before he could introduce her. Reluctantly she drove him to the airport and he assured her he would be back in time for Christmas.

Although disappointed Caroline was a little relieved because it meant she could go and do her Christmas shopping and get everything ready without stress. Bayram didn’t like her going out without him and if she did, it led to arguments.  He would accuse her of seeing other men behind his back which she had never done.

Girls’ night in

A few days after he had gone Caroline invited some girlfriends and 3 of her 5 daughters over for a girls’ night in. Just some nibbles and a few drinks as alcohol was normally forbidden in the house when Bayram was around. As the girls had more to drink the conversation led to their husbands and partners.  Caroline told them that she was worried Bayram was cheating on her. And that was when her world fell apart.

The eldest of her daughters Tanya, somewhat drunk, confessed that she was having an affair with Bayram.  Other women Caroline could believe but her own daughter? Tanya was well known for causing trouble in the family and loved to rub her mother up the wrong way.  So Caroline said she didn’t believe her.  She then called Bayram, told him Tanya was with her and that she’d said they were having an affair.  Was it true?  Bayram denied it emphatically.  He was very angry and told her Tanya was sick.  She passed the phone to Tanya who by this time was in tears.  “I’m not lying and you know it” she shouted.  “You told me you loved me”.  Tanya threw the phone at her mother and stormed out. The party dispersed rapidly after that and Caroline cried herself to sleep.

Lie detector test in Doncaster

In the morning Caroline’s best friend Clair came round.  She suggested that Caroline think about getting Bayram to take a lie detector test in Doncaster.  Clair had thought of nothing else after seeing her friend so upset the night before.  She’d researched polygraph examinations on the internet and came armed with all the details.  For Caroline it was impossible because she knew Bayram would never agree to a test.

Over coffee and more soul searching, Clair said if Bayram wouldn’t take a test then Tanya should.  They booked a lie detector test in Doncaster online for Tanya and then Caroline called her daughter with an ultimatum.  Either Tanya took the test or she would be out of her life forever.

Tanya was more than willing and duly turned up for the appointment. The examiner discussed the questions to be put to her which had been pre-arranged with Caroline.  They were:

  • Have you passionately kissed Bayram?
  • Have you had any sexual contact with Bayram?
  • Have you had sexual intercourse with Bayram?

Tanya answered “Yes” to all three questions and she was telling the truth.

Results and report

When Caroline received the results with a fully analysed report, she had to accept the facts. She had never felt so utterly betrayed.

She called Bayram and told him not to come back, it was over. She told him that Tanya had taken a lie detector test in Doncaster, not far from where they lived, and what the results were. Having been caught he confessed not only to having an affair with Tanya but also that he had a wife and children in Turkey.  There was nothing more to discuss.

Caroline is now attempting to repair her relationship with Tanya.

If you can relate to Caroline’s story contact us to find out how a lie detector test in Doncaster, or elsewhere in the UK, can help you. Our highly professional polygraph examiners are on your side and we will never share your information or details with anyone without your permission.

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