Lie Detector Test in Coventry produces Shocking Results

When our client booked a lie detector test in Coventry for her boyfriend, she found out more than she bargained for, as people often do.

Carlie’s Case

Since the pandemic began both Carlie and her boyfriend, Simon, had worked from home. They religiously followed the Covid rules during lockdowns. Carlie was terrified of catching the virus and was quite happy to remain in their house. Shopping and walking their dog, Marley, was left to Simon.

For the first few months the couple enjoyed spending more time together.  Usually they only saw each other in passing, between working and their various social activities. But now there was time for each other.

However, Carlie began to notice that Simon’s dog walking time was getting longer and longer. Sometimes he didn’t get back for 3 hours or more. When she asked him where on earth he had been he said he was getting ‘stir crazy’ so sat in parks or walked for miles.  Oddly Marley didn’t seem exhausted after these walks.

When the dog walking became more frequent little seeds of doubt were sown in Carlie’s mind. And then they suddenly stopped.  Simon’s enthusiasm waned and he began to complain that it was always him that had to take Marley out. Confused, Carlie offered to do it despite her fears of the virus. As time progressed, her mind worked overtime on Simon’s reluctance to go out with the dog.

Simon was irritable most of the time now. He seemed to be obsessed with the mail, getting up early for when the post arrived.

WhatsApp messages

Simon went out to the supermarket to do the weekly shop one day. Carlie was relieved to have some respite from the dreadful atmosphere he’d created.  She was tired looking at her screen for hours working and got up to make a coffee.  She heard the sound of a WhatsApp message coming through and checked her phone. It wasn’t hers and she realised that Simon had forgotten his phone.

She looked at the message which was from someone called Arron. It simply said “Have you heard anything from the police?” Quick thinking Carlie replied “No have you?”. Arron said he hadn’t but warned Simon to stick to their stories. Without giving herself away there was nothing Carlie could think of to respond.

When Simon got home Carlie asked what trouble he was in with the police.  He went ashen asking if they had called at the house while he was out.

Shocking revelation

Without waiting for her answer, Simon said he had something to tell her.  Apparently he had been charged with ‘outraging public decency’ with another male in a local park. He swore that he hadn’t done it.  Someone called Arron, that he’d met whilst walking the dog, had taken a leak behind a tree. He’d caught his penis in the zip of his jeans and needed help to free it.  This is what Simon had been doing when the police turned up. Both he and Arron were arrested and charged. He was awaiting a court date.

Lie detector test in Coventry

Carlie was horrified. She told Simon about the WhatsApp message from Arron. If Simon was being truthful, why would they need to “stick to their stories”?

Simon said he had no clue what the message meant but refused to call Arron in Carlie’s presence. A row ensued and Simon stormed out of the house, taking Marley and his phone with him.

An hour later he came back and Carlie asked to look at his phone.  He handed it to her and she found that he had deleted Arron from his contacts.

That was when she demanded he take a lie detector test.  She was not going to live with someone who was clearly being dishonest. And if he was bisexual or gay, she was no longer interested in having any type of relationship with him.

She thought maybe she’d got it wrong when he agreed to a polygraph examination.  Carlie booked a home lie detector test in Coventry where they lived using our secure online system

All is revealed

The results of the polygraph examination showed deception.  Our West Midlands polygraph examiner expected this as Simon had confessed something during the pre-test interview.  He had intended to commit a sexual act with Arron but it hadn’t happened because Arron had indeed caught his penis in his zip.

Whilst he hadn’t completely lied to Carlie she was devastated that he’d intended to have some form of sexual encounter with a stranger. The fact that it had only not happened because of the zip issue was irrelevant. The intention to cheat on her was evident.

Simon is now living back with his parents and Carlie contemplating her future.  The reason Simon gave her was that the Covid restrictions and lockdown had disturbed the balance of his mind. He’d never done anything like this before as the polygraph results had revealed.

Carlie may decide to seek counselling, as Simon has suggested, or she may not.