When our client suspected her husband was cheating on her with her best friend she took control of the situation by booking a lie detector test in Central London.

Sarah’s Case

Greg had been a personal trainer for ten years. He was the ‘tall, dark and handsome’ that girls dream about, and Sarah had managed to get a ring on his finger 5 years previously. They’d met when she’d hired him to help her tone up a bit and lose those extra few pounds after Christmas. It was clear when they met there was an attraction and they started dating a few weeks later. Their wedding took place after just a year and all of Sarah’s friends were jealous she’d managed to secure such a hunk.

One of the girls

Sarah never had any reservations about Greg’s job. He was professional and courteous to everyone he trained. After he was married he mostly trained men and ladies of the larger type.  This made Sarah feel more secure but after  5 years, she realised Greg was missing out on money and said she trusted him enough to start getting fitter clients. In fact, she already had one person in mind. Her best friend Karla needed some personal training and Greg could help her. Karla and Sarah had been friends for years and she trusted her.  Karla was married with two kids and loved her husband. She was always telling Sarah of the romantic things he’d done and they’d always seemed the perfect couple.

Pushing his luck

Greg normally did two sessions a week with Karla but after a couple of months, this changed to four. Sarah had asked both of them about it and the excuse appeared to be that Karla was considering entering the local charity run. Therefore she needed the sessions to make sure she was on top of her game. Greg had told her the same thing but it didn’t seem right.

Sarah’s mother had put doubts in her mind. She’d reminded Sarah of how they met and how attractive her husband was. Sarah wanted to believe there was nothing going on but couldn’t get the thought of her friend and her husband out of her head.

Trainer or Cheat

Sarah contacted us after a month of the increased sessions and booked a lie detector test in Central London. She didn’t take her husband, she took her friend. Sarah knew Karla would take the polygraph test as she’d threatened to ask Karla’s husband how he felt about the time she was spending on ‘training’. Sarah suspected that Karla’s husband didn’t know since he worked away most of the time. Karla appeared hurt that her friend would accuse her of such a thing but didn’t want her husband worried unduly.  Reluctantly she agreed to take the test feeling she had little choice.

Sarah didn’t tell Greg about the appointment she’d made for Karla but it was pretty clear he knew about it within an hour of her telling Karla. He stormed into the house and accused Sarah of being paranoid, possessive and ridiculously jealous without foundation.  How could she blackmail her best friend by threatening to stir things up with her husband?  Sarah stood her ground and insisted that Karla take the test.  If she was wrong should would apologise.

Lie detector test in Central London

Karla sat the test and the results were returned a few hours later. She had been having sex with Sarah’s husband and pretty much straight away. The worst thing about the results from the lie detector test in Central London was that Karla had enlisted the help of Sarah’s personal trainer husband in order to have sex with him. With a stinging slap around the face, Sarah left Karla in the café they’d waited for the results in.

She went home and cleared out all of her things and went to her mother’s. Greg has tried to contact Sarah several times but she wants no contact with him. The only communication will be the divorce papers which should land on his doorstep any day now.

Do you suspect a friend of cheating with your partner?  Take decisive action with a lie detector test before suspicion ruins the quality of your life.  You have to know the truth before you can walk away or forgive. Taking control of the situation puts gives you a choice.

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