Our lie detector test in Cardiff service is used for a variety of reasons.  Often we find that when someone willingly takes the test it is a cry for help. The most recent involves Dee and her son, Harry.

Harry had always been slim. At 6ft 2in he looked like a bit of a bean pole. As a child, he was called names such as lanky or skinny and the comments had really taken a toll on his adult life until recently. Harry had a new job at a local gym. He’d been working there just 4 months and had started to fill out.

Dee and Harry’s case:

Dee, his mother was so proud. Finally, her son had confidence and was getting out more. The job had been the making of him and it was really showing. Harry had always been a good looking man but with this new personality and body, he was gorgeous. The new Harry was eating more healthily and he was looking forward to going back to university. He’d taken a gap year and had found the job at the gym in the local paper. At first, he was apprehensive but as soon as he met up with a few of the personal trainers his whole attitude changed.

Nearly a year after starting the job, Harry was huge. It seemed this was down to his training schedule and protein-rich diet but Dee couldn’t shake off the feeling there was something else. He was paid well for working at the gym and he was always there, saying he was putting in overtime. But when Dee asked for her housekeeping money he was always broke. Harry had started to ask to borrow money and would get angry and lash out if Dee refused. He’d often ask if he could have some of her sleeping tablets and if she didn’t have any to give him, he’d be up either pacing the house all night or in the gym he’d built in the downstairs dining room.

Lie detector test in Cardiff

Dee decided she needed to do something and when Harry returned home from his morning workout on Sunday she sat him down and asked why he never seemed to have any money. Harry confirmed his friend was in a lot of money trouble and he’d been bailing him out and paying his credit card bills for months. Although this seemed normal of her kind-natured son, it just didn’t ring true and later after discussing this with Harry’s father, Dee decided to call our lie detector test in Cardiff service. She didn’t know what was wrong but needed some advice on what might be.

A cry for help

We explained the process to Dee and offered free advice, confirming that we had experienced this type of problem before. We suggested it could be an addiction of some type maybe to steroids or exercise. He could have a gambling problem or debts that Dee was unaware of. This was no obligation advice and was just a possibility. We advised Dee to think it through and maybe confront her son. Prior to arranging the lie detector test in Cardiff, Dee again tried to talk to her son. But the same story about his friend was relayed. Dee explained that she was worried about him and wanted him to take the polygraph test in Cardiff. She met no resistance so booked the test.

Harry was found to have a steroid addiction and thankfully this had only been ongoing for three months at the most. He’d been buying steroids without a prescription and paying an absolute fortune for them. Dee had caught this early enough before it could cause him any permanent damage.

After seeing a counsellor and doctor Harry is back at university and has put this behind him. He hadn’t resisted the test because he’d wanted to tell his mother but didn’t know how.  Taking the lie detector test in Cardiff had been his cry for help.

Do you have any doubts that a friend or relative is having the same type of difficulties? If you’d like to discuss or order a Lie Detector Test for addiction, please call our confidential and free helpline on 07572 748364. Alternatively, you can make a reservation using our secure online booking system. Dee booked a test in Cardiff because it was convenient to where Harry worked but our service is nationwide.