Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Burton on Trent clarifies Will Dispute

Aug 7, 2020

Lie Detector Test in Burton on Trent clarifies Will Dispute

There is nothing like a last will and testament to cause friction in families.  Our client booked a lie detector test in Burton on Trent to dispel false allegations against her.

Kennedy’s Case

Kennedy had a fantastic upbringing. She’d never wanted for anything and although her mother and father weren’t that well off they had always managed to look after her. They’d scrimped and scraped by but managed to save a little money here and there. They also owned their house and were mortgage free. She respected her parents and when her father died she was devastated.  When the COVID-19 outbreak happened, they’d been so careful, as both parents were elderly. When her father contracted the virus they were distraught. The virus has taken its hold on her father quite rapidly and he passed away a week after being admitted into hospital.

Reading of the will

The whole family turned out for the reading of the will and when Kennedy was announced as the sole heir, there were a lot of glares and comments. Kennedy was instructed to care for her elderly mother and after she passed away, the house and the savings they had would be passed to her. Kennedy had remained living with her parents, even after she was old enough to move out. They had been so good to her that the thought of strangers coming in to care for them seemed like madness to Kennedy. They were in their 70’s and although her siblings had called her a “Daddy’s girl” for not moving out, she hadn’t cared. She wanted to look after them, as much as they had her. Now at 40, she still wanted to care for her mother and ensure her twilight years were as comfortable as possible.

Family feud

The accusations from other family members came in thick and fast after her mother became ill. She was accused of only being after what little savings they had.  They even said she was claiming carer’s allowance when she shouldn’t be. Kennedy was annoyed  that anyone would think of her like that and when Social Services came knocking at the door saying they’d had a complaint, she knew she had to do something.

She contacted us for a lie detector test in Burton on Trent the evening after the social worker had left. Social Services had confirmed to her that everything was in order but she was sick and tired of being accused of things she hadn’t done. Her mother was very frail and the last thing she needed was strangers coming into her home and upsetting her.

Lie detector test in Burton on Trent

Kennedy was nervous when she arrived to meet our East Midlands polygraph examiner  but was made to feel at ease almost immediately. Our examiner was knowledgeable in the kind of difficulties she was facing and told her not to worry. Kennedy sat her test and was provided with the results verbally. She wasn’t after her parents’ money and she was legitimately claiming carer’s allowance. She knew the results would prove her innocence but she wanted to wait for the full report before telling anyone what she had done.

The fully analysed report with her polygraph results arrived 24 hours and she met up with her sisters to discuss the matter. They accused her of wanting to keep everything for herself and that the polygraph examination was just another way of her getting what she wanted.  Whether she was telling the truth or not, it wasn’t fair, they said.

Kennedy had always wanted to sell the house and split the proceeds equally when the time came, but now she didn’t see why she should. She doesn’t speak to her sisters any more and they don’t visit their mother or her. In fairness they never helped out in the first place. Her mother’s Alzheimer’s helps soften the blow that the siblings are missing from her life since she doesn’t remember them.  In many respects Kennedy is happy with it being just her and her mother and she will continue to look after her as long as she’s needed.

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