Continuing with our spotlight on politicians we extend an invitation to Madeleine Moon MP to take a lie detector test in Bridgend. Remarks she made this week regarding the proposed closure of the Ford engine plant in Bridgend in 2020 were misleading to say the least.

Ford restructuring

In January this year Ford announced a restructuring plan across Europe.  The reason given for the changes related mainly to consumer interest waning in American models and reduction of profit in Europe.

At the time Ford made a statement about the proposed changes, the company had already stated that production would stop at its transmission plant in Bordeaux, France.  Discussions were also in progress at Germany’s Saarlous plant about ending the manufacture of the C-Max Van.

Madeleine Moon MP appears to have completely disregarded the bigger picture and attributed the closure of Bridgend totally to Brexit. As far as we are aware neither France nor Germany has expressed any desire to leave the European Union. She is clearly misleading the public, if not downright lying to them.

Who is Madeleine Moon MP?

69 year old Ms Moon has been the duly elected Member of Parliament for Bridgend since 2005. Most of her career has been spent in politics for the Labour Party.

She was involved in an expenses scandal when a national newspaper reported that she claimed for furniture she bought for her primary residence in Wales.  She responded that it wasn’t for her Welsh home but for her London home. No action was taken against her.

Lie Detector Test in Bridgend

As the Brexit debate continues there is much talk of a second referendum.  Those who wish to remain in the EU constantly draw attention to the public being misled during the referendum campaign.  Perhaps our campaign to invite politicians, like Madeleine Moon MP, to submit to a polygraph test will provide greater clarity should there be another vote.

It’s widely acknowledged that lies were told by both sides.  We seek to identify those politicians who told them and the reasons they did.  Wouldn’t it be great if everyone told the truth?

If Ms Moon accepts our invitation to take a lie detector test in Bridgend, or anywhere else in the UK, which questions would you ask her?  Let us know.

Perhaps you’d like an MP to sit a polygraph examination – write to us and tell us who and why?