Lie Detector Test in Bolton Enquiry about Domestic Abuse

Sep 3, 2019

Q: Can you conduct a lie detector test in Bolton to find out if my brother is a victim of domestic abuse?

I’m really starting to get worried about my brother, Jeremy. He started seeing one of the local girls in town and she hasn’t got the best reputation.  She’s well known for violence particularly when she has been drinking.  Jeremy has been over to our parents for Sunday dinner and had black eyes and various bruises. My dad jokes that his girlfriend is beating him up and as much as they both think this is just teasing, he seems to go really quiet.

I’ve asked him about it and he states no woman could ever beat him up and gets really defensive. He claims the injuries are from his Sunday 5 a side team but if they are, he is very unlucky. I understand he wouldn’t want to admit it, which full blooded Northern male would?  It’s possible I’m wrong but the injuries are getting more serious each time and I’m genuinely worried about him. I worry that if I don’t do something soon, he could end up in hospital, or worse still retaliate.

Instinctively I get the feeling he wants to talk about it but feels less of a man if he does. I know you do lie detector tests in Manchester but is it possible for you to do one in Bolton?  He might be persuaded to take one nearer to home but if he had to travel it might be an obstacle as he works long hours.  If so, is it likely to help do you think?

R. E., Bolton

Response from Manchester Polygraph Examiner

In answer to your question, I can administer a lie detector test in Bolton.  Our service is nationwide.

If your brother is living with the burden of domestic violence without being able to talk to anyone about it, he’s under pressure.  You may be surprised to learn that 1 in 3 victims of domestic abuse are men. Few men report it due to embarrassment, fear that their partner may retaliate or simply because they think no one will believe them.

Many of our domestic abuse clients, male and female, are relieved to be able to speak with a totally unbiased person.  As a polygraph examiner I am also a qualified psychologist. My work demands that I am impartial and non-judgmental.

A lie detector test in Bolton could help your brother in several ways.  In the pre-test interview he can discuss the questions I will ask him and tell me his concerns.  When the test is completed, if he is a victim of domestic violence, he will come to terms with it and hopefully take steps to resolve the issue.  That may take the form of relationship counselling or he may decide to end the abuse and separate from his girlfriend.

How to book a lie detector test in Bolton

You can call our free helpline on 0800 368 8277. Tell our customer service representative that you want to book a lie detector test in Bolton. You can also mention that the Manchester polygraph examiner has suggested you call.

Alternatively you can book online and stipulate that the test needs to be administered in Bolton.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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