Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Birkenhead ruins a Surprise but Restores Trust

When our client’s fiancé was seen going into a hotel with another girl, she became suspicious. She booked a lie detector test in Birkenhead and was overjoyed with the results.

Kirk and Stacey had been together for 5 years and engaged for two. Every time Stacey mentioned setting a date for their wedding, Kirk would change the subject and it was never agreed. She couldn’t understand the issue. They did everything together and they never argued. Their sex life was outstanding and both families got on. She had asked Kirk outright if he was having cold feet but he always said no. For him the timing just didn’t seem right with finances and so on.

Chinese whispers

Stacey was out one evening with the girls and was complaining about Kirk’s reluctance to commit when her best friend piped up. She said she’d heard Kirk had been seeing a girl at work and they’d been seen entering the local hotel the previous week at lunchtime. This hotel was beautiful and not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

Stacey was confused. Surely, if Kirk was having an affair he’d be a little more subtle about it. She asked him when he came back from work and he said it wasn’t him. It couldn’t have been him as he was with friends all day. He said if she didn’t believe him she could check with his best friend Rob.

Rocking the boat

Stacey didn’t want to believe Kirk would cheat but did mention it the next time she saw Rob. He confirmed the two of them had been to lunch at KFC that day so it couldn’t have been Kirk that was seen. Stacey felt foolish and embarrassed that she trusted Kirk so little she’d checked up on him with his best friend.

It wasn’t until she found a lunch receipt in his jacket pocket for lunch at the same hotel she became really suspicious.

Once bitten

Talking to her parents, Stacey said she’d been hurt before. It didn’t matter how much she wanted to believe Kirk’s innocence, she just couldn’t shake the feeling he was up to something. Brenda, her mother suggested she book a lie detector test in Birkenhead to be sure he was being faithful. She also suggested she ask if he wanted to marry her, as this would also clear up Kirk’s lack of commitment.

Although Stacey initially wasn’t keen on the idea, when she returned home she went online and looked up how to book a lie detector test. She’d never done anything like this before and checked some reviews on trust pilot prior to booking the test. It appeared people took these tests for lots of different reasons.  In some cases the test results restored the trust in their relationships, and helped them to move forward with their lives. She went ahead and booked it.

Lie detector test in Birkenhead

Stacey was worried when Kirk agreed so willingly to go along to the Birkenhead polygraph examiner’s office the following week.  However, he also said she shouldn’t put her nose into things she didn’t know about.

When he left to keep the test appointment he was in one of the worst moods Stacey had ever seen him in. The results were given to him after the test was completed but he waited 24 hours for the full report to be sent by email before he spoke to Stacey again. She’d ruined his surprise and he wasn’t happy about it one bit.

The polygraph examination revealed that the person he had been seen with was one of her friends. He had gone to the hotel that afternoon to discuss wedding venues with her. She knew Stacey better than anyone and had pointed him in the right direction. He’d booked their wedding for the following year in Stacey’s favourite stately home. It was to be a surprise and he intended to tell her on her birthday, which was only a few weeks away. Stacey felt guilty for doubting her husband to be but the results of the lie detector test in Birkenhead made her happier than she had ever been. The two of them are due to be married next spring.

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