Allegations of theft, no matter where it takes place, are dreadful for the people who are falsely accused. For weeks, our client went through a nightmare as his housemates all believed he was stealing from them. In the end he took a lie detector test in Bath to prove he was not the thief.

Martin’s case

It started with small items going missing.  A rather beautiful Waterford pen belonging to Emma was the first.  The pen had been given to her by her parents when she made it to University. It was one of her most treasured possessions. Then Steve found his Kindle had gone.  After that Simon looked everywhere for his expensive Nike trainers but they were nowhere to be found.

Initially everyone thought they had just misplaced their items and they would turn up somewhere. Emma wasn’t sure that she had left the pen in the house and hoped she hadn’t accidentally dropped it.

However, as weeks went by and none of the items were retrieved the suspicion they had been stolen began to develop.  More things disappeared – a watch, money, a silver picture frame and even food from the freezer.  Interesting to all the housemates was that Martin never had anything stolen from him. And then the accusations began.

Martin’s life became a misery. No matter how many times he denied being responsible, no one believed him. The once happy household sank into depression, suspicion and resentment.

Lie detector test in Bath

Impossible to convince his fellow students of his innocence, Martin decided his only recourse was a lie detector test in Bath. He booked the test online and sat down with Emma, Simon and Steve to tell them about it.  He asked them to help define the questions he would be asked.

He then discussed the situation with our polygraph examiner who formulated the questions he would need to answer.

The test took just over two hours and the results were available the following day. No deception was found and Martin was happy to present the report to his housemates.  Having been completely exonerated, he suggested they all take a test. Instead they called the police and officially reported the matter.

Changing the locks

Nothing happened for several months but then Emma received a call from the investigating officer.  Her pen had been found among a host of other items taken from the house of someone they had in custody.

It transpired that the thief had lived in their house previously and retained a key.  The landlord hadn’t changed the locks so access to previous residents was easy. Unfortunately the other missing items where never found and it was presumed that the thief had sold them on.

Having contacted the landlord, the locks have now been changed on their house and they are considering suing him.

Are you convinced someone is stealing from you?  Maybe it’s not who you think it is. Contact us to learn more about how lie detector tests in Bath, or elsewhere in the UK, help to resolve issues on a daily basis.