When our client asked a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, permission was refused due to malicious rumours. The results from a lie detector test in Aldershot resolved the issue.

Frank’s case

Frank had joined the Army at a young age. He’d always wanted to be in the military and he’d been promoted within the first year of joining. Most of the other lads had used their time off to chase the girls wherever they were stationed, but Frank never had. He’d been in love with his childhood sweetheart, Carol, since he was 18. Now at 27, he wanted to ask her to marry him but they just didn’t seem to get on that well anymore. Frank thought a proposal would get them back on track and he planned to do it properly.

Father’s blessing

When he was home on leave, he went to see Carol’s father and asked for his daughter’s hand in marriage, but her father said no. He explained there were rumours going around the village of the troops playing away from home and “having a girl in every port”, so to speak. Frank protested that even though his friends were behaving badly, he hadn’t been. Indeed Frank had been promoted because he had stayed behind at the barracks and studied. He’d put in extra time to be able to provide for the family he hoped to have.

Woman scorned

The situation had been made worse by one of Carol’s friends telling her that Frank had made a pass at her.  He hadn’t but this friend had always been jealous of their relationship. She’d tried to snare him at college and Frank had turned her down.  Carol spent most of her time with her and she’d poisoned her mind against him. Frank knew he had to do something. He could see his relationship falling apart at the seams but what?

Speaking to his mother the dilemma, she suggested booking a lie detector test in Aldershot. Frank didn’t know why he hadn’t thought about it himself. He went straight online and booked the test with Lie Detector Test UK.  We were able to administer it within a couple of days of booking.

The proposal

Frank went and bought an engagement ring on the way to meet up with our polygraph examiner. After taking the lie detector test in Aldershot, Frank had organised to meet Carol at their favourite restaurant two days later.

Carol knew it was coming up to the anniversary of the day they had begun their committed relationship. As usual, Frank would be away at work no doubt. Carol was expecting the same news that she did every time there was a significant date coming up, so she went to the restaurant but not in the best mood. Frank had a way of trying to butter her up just before giving her some bad news.

Over dinner, Frank produced an envelope with the results of the polygraph test. Inside there was a smaller envelope containing the ring. Carol was over the moon that Frank would go to all this trouble to prove his fidelity. Of course he hadn’t cheated; Carol was the only woman for him. She accepted his proposal but they wouldn’t announce it officially until her father had seen the results of the lie detector test in Aldershot and given his blessing.

Polygraph Services in South East England

If you need to prove your honesty to someone, for whatever reason a lie detector test is the fastest way to do it. The results easily put an end to suspicion which erodes relationships over time.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 for confidential advice.  Alternatively you can book a test online using our secure reservation system.