Despite the huge popularity of reality TV shows where lie detector test results are revealed to millions of viewers, most of our private clients prefer to arrange a lie detector test at home.

Polygraph examinations are now affordable to most people and can be conducted in your home provided the conditions meet those required.  Your home is the place where you feel most secure and for some it is the best place to undergo a test.

Conditions of a home polygraph test

There has to be quiet and a space allocated where there will be no interruptions either from people or pets. A clean, uncluttered bedroom or study is ideal. You’ll need to have a couple of chairs, a table and somewhere our examiner can plug in a laptop.   It’s better if there is no one else in the home while the examination takes place. Noise from televisions, phones, pets and people are all distractions that may affect the accuracy of the test. The examiner and you must be alone for the duration of the test. If these conditions are not met he will reserve the right to refuse to conduct it.  If in doubt, it’s better to visit one of our offices, since you don’t want to lose the fee you have paid.

Discreet and confidential

You may be taking a test to prove you are not being unfaithful to your partner. Or you might have been falsely accused of stealing from your employer.  Perhaps you haven’t been believed when you have told someone about historical sex abuse. Whatever the reason, you’ll probably feel more relaxed at home.

No one needs to know that you have decided to submit to a polygraph examination.  Our examiner will arrive in an ordinary car and for all the neighbours know, he could be anyone – perhaps a financial or insurance broker.

You can rely on the examiner to never divulge anything to anyone other than you or the person who ordered the test.

Depending on the reason for the test, it can take 2 hours.  This includes the pre-test interview when our examiner will explain everything you want to know.  The questions will have been predetermined when you booked the test.

The examiner is a highly trained professional who is accredited by the American Polygraph and British Polygraph Society.  He will be a specialist in your specific issue.

Who gets the results and when

After the test, you will be told the results if they are immediately conclusive only if you were the person who booked the test.  If your boss booked it then the results will go to him or her.  If we have permission from the individual that ordered the test, we can let you know the results too.

If your matter is particularly complicated, the results will be available within 48 hours complete with a detailed and verified report.

What if you can’t take the lie detector test at home?

If it isn’t possible to take the lie detector test at home, we have discreet, controlled offices all over the UK.  You can book an appointment online at one that is near to where you live.

If you would like more information about our polygraph examinations or just to have a chat about whether a test would benefit you, contact us today.  Our friendly and sympathetic staff will be happy to listen and offer advice.