Lie Detector Test for Fraud

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Lie Detector Test for Fraud

Do you suspect one of your employees has sold your data to a competitor, or perhaps deliberately deleted information from a database? You can rely on Lie Detector Test UK fraud examiners to test the trustworthiness of any employee where honesty is in doubt.

Fraud in the workplace costs UK businesses £193 billion a year. If you suspect an employee of fraud it’s not an easy situation to handle. Broadly fraud is categorised in 3 main ways – deception, ommission or misrepresentation. The difficulty in proving fraud is that you have to verify that the fraudster intended to commit it.

Fraud can involve:

• Financial loss
​• Loss of company information
• Misapplication of Equipment
​• Transfer of sensitive information
​• Forged documentation

Commercial investigation services – find the motivation of fraud or theft within your business using polygraph (lie detector) tests. Our expert examiners will work with you determine who is responsible for fraudulent acts.

False insurance claims – for individuals accused of making false insurance claims we can help prove your innocence. We are also able to assist insurance providers to ascertain the truth of a claim they consider to be fraudulent. Using polygraph technology our examiners can validate claims or otherwise.

Identify fraudulent employees – have you have been accused of something you haven’t done? You can prove you are innocent by taking a polygraph (lie detector) test. The polygraph has been responsible for exonerating many thousands of individuals who didn’t commit the crimes they were accused of. Lie Detector Test UK Examiners have cleared the names of many people by testing their honesty, and thus proving them innocent.

Why choose us?

Selecting the best organisation to work with for your chosen lie detector test provider, is not a decision to be taken lightly. Confidence in the results delivered is paramount and we have the reputation, experience and qualifications to provide you with the peace of mind necessary.

We regularly administer lie detector tests in the following locations, but our service is nationwide:
​London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Brighton, Hull,  Oxford, Bristol, Luton, Norwich, Cardiff, Exeter, Plymouth, Newbury, Aylesbury

Our neutral team of highly qualified examiners use the very latest, state of the art polygraph equipment and employ up to date methods. Successfully conducting polygraph examinations in matters of infidelity, sexual abuse, fraud and theft, we offer unbiased solutions to any problem.

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The examiner will sit down and discuss the results with you verbally and you will always receive the fully verified report in 2 working days. All video, transcripts, charts and analysis are assessed centrally by our team to make sure we provide you with an accurate and substantial report.


Polygraph testing has long been recognised as being the most accurate truth verification process across the world. The UK has slowly began to make legislative changes and introduce the professional practise into certain areas such as sex offender rehabilitation and counter terrorism. The tests are extensive and thorough and thus provide accurate results to within a tolerance of 95-98%. This is based on research by the American Polygraph Association that studied over 6000 tests used in real life crimes.


Example Questions

You will agree the questions to be asked with the examiner. This will consist of 1 to 3 closed questions (yes or no answers) and approximately 10 more general questions. We will help you to design the questions to get to the truth of the situation. Our examiners are very experienced in dealing with all manner of cases. Once you are happy with the questions that have been proposed, the examiner will proceed with the test.

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