Lie Detector Test for Infidelity in Aberdeen

May 6, 2019

Lie Detector Test for Infidelity in Aberdeen exposes Bank Holiday Cheater

Whenever there is a bank holiday or any other holiday period due our polygraph examiners are always busy with the lie detector test for Infidelity in Aberdeen.  Here is one of our case studies that didn’t have a happy ending.

Jackie’s case

Jackie never got to spend much time with her husband. He worked hard as a site manager and was always working late, and on the weekend. The only time she could spend with him was on bank holidays but even though there was a May bank holiday due he said he was working. He’d been working pretty much every bank holiday this year and Jackie was nervous. She’d heard on the grapevine he’d been seen with a local girl, Shannon, having lunch at their local pub out in the country. Jackie had asked him about this but he’d stated he was on a different site than usual and worked all day. He’d been offended she’d even thought to ask him but he’d let it go, this time!

The same old story

The issue was that working bank holidays normally meant double time  but she didn’t see the benefits of this extra work in their bank account. Jackie decided to go and see Shannon and confront her. Shannon said they’d been having an affair for about a year. She confirmed that every bank holiday they went for a roast dinner at the pub they met in, it was sort of a tradition. Darren was building up to leaving Jackie, according to her and this was why she had no problem talking about it. Shannon said she’d be happy to take a lie detector test for infidelity in Aberdeen to prove that what she was saying was true.  Jackie didn’t believe her. Shannon was known for trying to split up families and being a bit of a ‘bunny boiler’, so she went home and asked Darren if he’d been seeing her. Darren emphatically denied it but Jackie knew something wasn’t right.

Lie detector test for Infidelity in Aberdeen

Jackie was doing the washing one day when Shannon knocked on the door. She confirmed she’d booked a lie detector test for infidelity in Aberdeen for that afternoon. She hadn’t seen Darren since their conversation and although they were no longer seeing each other she was sick of being labelled as a mistress and a home wrecker. Shannon asked Jackie to accompany her to the test.

Shannon’s results were returned a few short hours later and everything she had told Jackie was true. Darren had been seeing her for a year. He’d said he was going to leave his wife and they’d been together on every bank holiday. Jackie was distraught; she called Darren and asked him to meet her in the very place his lies had started, their local country pub.

Lying in wait

Waiting for Darren when he arrived, was Shannon and his wife Jackie. They showed him the results of the polygraph test. It didn’t matter how long they’d been married, once a cheat always a cheat. The ironic thing for Jackie is she should have known this would happen.  After all Darren had left his first wife for her. Jackie explained she wanted a divorce and Shannon told him she never wanted to see him again. Maybe he should have worked the bank holiday after all.

Do you suspect a bank holiday cheat? 

A lie detector test for Infidelity in Aberdeen or elsewhere in the UK is the quickest way to get the answers you need.  Call our free helpline 0800 368 8277 for advice or you may wish to book a test online.  If you book online you will see several location options so that the test can take place near to you.

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