Facilities management is a large and expanding industry with around 60,000 facilities managers employed in the UK alone. Our client, a specialist recruitment agency, engages our lie detector services regularly to test potential candidates.

Who employs facilities managers?

A diverse range of organisations employ the services of facilities managers including those involved in:

  • IT (Information Technology)
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Public services such as the NHS
  • Central and local government

Large organisations may employ facilities managers directly and permanently or on a short term contract basis depending on the industry they are in.  Facilities managers are also employed by building management companies that manage buildings for their clients.

Facilities management encompasses a wide range of tasks including the administration and management of commercial premises, sports venues, office buildings, schools and hospitals.  It is the job of a facilities manager to ensure that the environment in these buildings is safe for those people working in them and for those who use or visit them.  In addition the facilities manager will be responsible for the efficient running of the facility and further duties may include maintenance of the building, contract management and administration.

Lie detector services for recruitment

Facilities managers have huge responsibilities. Depending on the size of the organisations they work for, they’ll manage the corresponding budgets for procurement which can run into millions.

It is therefore vital that candidates for this type of work can be trusted.  Our client’s reputation stands and falls on the calibre of employees they recruit and place.  This applies to facilities managers who work on temporary and permanent contracts.

Our role is to provide our client with lie detector services as and when required.  We administer polygraph tests for prospective candidates to check that they have not lied on their CVs.  The questions our accredited examiner will ask are worked out with the client in advance.  These may include questions related to criminal record, qualifications, experience or anything else that is considered relevant.

Together with interviews, CV, lie detector results and other recruitment profiling methods our client is certain that any candidate presented is a perfect fit for the vacancy.  For this reason, our client’s business flourishes and has developed an enviable reputation in the Facilities Management Recruitment Industry.

More information about lie detector tests

If you are the owner of a large recruitment agency, dealing in high worth vacancies, lie detector services will help you excel in what is a highly competitive industry.  It is your job to present the best candidate possible for your clients’ needs.  Considering 38 percent of job seekers lie on their CVs according to research, can you afford not to include polygraph tests in your recruitment process?

For more details call us on 07572 748364 or visit the Lie Detector Test UK website. We have many years of experience conducting tests within recruitment and will be happy to share it with you.