Lie Detector in Winchester used to prove vandalism

A Winchester lie detector recently found a disgruntled former member of nightclub staff guilty of vandalising staff property. Cameron recently contacted our office in Winchester after worrying that a previous employee Nick had started to damage staff vehicles.

Why Nick was dismissed

Cameron owns a small nightclub in Winchester, and tells us how a recent employee was dismissed five months ago after finding out they had a drug addiction. Suspected of dealing drugs on shift, Cameron dismissed Nick immediately and told him he would receive a month’s pay but to clear his work locker out and not to return to the nightclub.

Nick argued with Cameron, and the police were eventually called out. The police told Nick he needed to leave the property and asked Cameron if he wished to file a police report on the incident. Cameron said he was willing to forget the fight, as he understood Nick was angry and upset so acted out of character.

A lie detector is required

At the end of the week, Cameron was leaving the nightclub one afternoon and noticed damaged to his car. He could see scratch marks that looked like someone had dragged their key across the bumper. Miffed as to who or why this could have happened, Cameron dismissed the damage as down to bored teenagers. There were CCTV cameras outside the nightclub so Cameron decided to go and check them.

To his surprise Cameron could see on camera footage that there was just one tall figure who was near his car that afternoon. However, the camera only caught the figure walking near to his car, it didn’t actually catch the suspect damaging the car because a delivery van parked in the cameras view just five minutes after the suspect appeared.

Something isn’t right

Cameron sat for a while in the office, repeatedly watching the footage. He realised that the person who decided to vandalise his car must have known about the delivery. The delivery was from a local brewery and took place at the same time every week. Cameron started thinking the suspect must be someone who worked at the club. The person obviously knew the nightclubs routine and realised that the delivery van blocked the camera view for CCTV.


Cameron decided the only person who would know about the camera and delivery was an employee. He put two and two together and decided to call Nick, asking him in for a chat. To his surprise Nick turned up, Cameron told him he knew what he had done but Nick denied the whole allegation.

Threatening with Police

Another week passed, and this time, the Nightclubs Display signs were smashed overnight one Saturday. Knowing again that this was a camera blind spot, Cameron suspected Nick again. Researching his options online, Cameron decided that before involving police he would ask Nick to take a private lie detector test. Seeing our services in Winchester, Cameron rang up and booked the test. He rang Nick and said he wouldn’t involve police if he agreed to take the test, so Nick agreed.

Lie detector time

Nick came to our Winchester office and took his lie detector test. Sure enough, he was guilty. The test revealed him guilty of vandalising Cameron’s car and damaging the club signs. Cameron was told the results and immediately went to speak with Nick. Nick confessed he had anger issues and was sorry for what he had done. Cameron decided not to involve the police but made Nick promise he would go to anger management class and seek help for his drugs habit.

If you are concerned that someone is vandalising your property or you have a member of staff causing you concern, why not book our lie detector test online today. You can also contact our free helpline on 07572 748364.