Lie Detector in Bath Discovers Cheating Friends

It’s pretty awful when you find out your partner is cheating on you. It’s worse when they are doing it with someone you believed to be a friend. A lie detector test in Bath helped our client discover the truth.

Iain fell in love with Katie at a very young age, they were both childhood sweethearts. Ben their son had been born when both of them were just 17 and now at 20 had turned into a great young man. Neither of them had relationships prior to each other. At 37 Katie had now started to go out with friends, once a week turned into twice and soon she was staying out all night. She didn’t even have the courtesy to call Iain anymore, so he’d be left home alone with just his thoughts.

Was she really out with friends?

Iain’s thoughts would start to race around midnight. He’d heard rumours that she was cheating with Lee, a friend of his. Lee was also married and had 3 young children. As couples, they’d all been out together but whenever Katie was out, Lee was out. It all seemed a bit convenient and Lee’s wife, Jamie thought the same.

Iain and Jamie discussed it over a coffee one afternoon and decided that Lee should be the one to take a lie detector test in Bath. Jamie and Lee would always argue about where he’d been and he’d never tell her. He was staying out all night and on the same nights as Katie. It seemed obvious what was going on but neither Lee nor Katie would own up.

Katie, if she was being unfaithful, had nothing to lose. She obviously didn’t care for Iain anymore and their son was all grown up. Lee on the other hand had a lot to lose.

Lie detector test in Bath

Iain contacted us and booked our lie detector test in Bath for the following Thursday and Jamie was to get her husband there. Jamie spoke to Lee and tried again to confront him about having an affair but as usual, he denied everything. That was it, take the polygraph test or get out. Jamie never said she’d stop him seeing the kids but did say he would only see them once a fortnight. So Lee agreed to go.

The test results were available24 hours later. Sadly they only confirmed what Jamie or Iain anticipated. Lee was guilty of having an affair with Katie but he never intended to leave his wife. To Jamie this was a bit of a shock. Why would Lee be unfaithful but still want to be with her? She questioned Lee about this and he said the reason he never wanted to leave her was because of the children. This was no reason for them to stay together and Jamie ended it. The sad thing about this is that Katie left Iain and the two of them have set up home together.

Jamie went on a few dates with Iain but there was too much in their past for it to work.

Is your partner cheating?

Do you suspect your partner of cheating? Won’t they admit their deceit? If you’d like to discuss a lie detector test in Bath or elsewhere in the UK, give us a call on our free, confidential helpline – 07572 748364. Alternatively, you can make a secure booking using our online reservation system. There are many polygraph test locations to choose from.