A lie detector test was recently taken by boyfriend Nathan. Alicia wrote to our Bath office recently asking to book a lie detector for Nathan and herself. She suspected Nathan guilty of hacking her computer to find out if she was hiding things from him.

How did this happen?!

Alicia recently returned home after a long day at work as a science teacher. That evening after cooking dinner for her and boyfriend Nathan, she decided to finalise some lesson plans on her laptop. To her shock when she opened her laptop, she found the screen had been smashed. Nathan immediately said he had accidentally dropped it earlier that day when cleaning. He didn’t think he had done any damage but said he would take it to a computer repair shop that weekend.

Ill buy you a new one

After returning from the repair shop, Nathan told Alicia how the shop couldn’t repair her damaged laptop. He said they had recovered her files and he would take her shopping that afternoon for a new one that he would buy for her. Alicia was annoyed as the couple were saving to buy a house together.

I want you to take a lie detector test

A few days after buying a new laptop, Alicia questioned Nathan further on how he had managed to knock and break her old laptop. After stumbling for words, Alicia grew suspicious. She had caught Nathan previously snooping on her laptop when she got home from work earlier than expected one day. Alicia had also seen him searching her phone, and he had accused her of cheating only a year into their relationship.

She confronted Nathan and asked him fif he broke it because he had been trying to hack into it. Nathan said no and became angry, but Alicia couldn’t shake off the suspicion. Browsing online for ways to talk to your partner about trust issues, she came across our website. Alicia read about how one couple had solved their trust issues around infidelity by taking one of our lie detector tests.

Test time

Alicia decided to book two tests in the end after discussing her case with our free helpline. She booked one for Nathan and one for herself, to show Nathan she was also willing to take a test to prove her innocence and stop him worrying she had cheated. The couple came along and took their tests. Alicia passed her test and was thrilled that she could finally settle Nathan’s mind from worrying.

However, Nathan failed his test. He confessed to Alicia that he had deliberately smashed and broken her laptop after failing to hack into it. He couldn’t get the password right and had panicked when it locked him out, he knew Alicia would see it. Rather than tell her the truth Nathan had deliberately damaged her property. Alicia was confused and upset and said that she wanted to go to couples therapy to work on the issues that they had as a couple. We are happy to have found the truth for this couple and wish them both the best with their couples counselling.

If you are worried your partner has lied or suspect infidelity, why not call our free helpline today. You can also book a lie detector test online using our booking system.