Leicester Polygraph Examiner discovers more than the Truth

Professionally conducted lie detector tests include at least one hour of pre-test interview. Our Leicester Polygraph Examiner discovered something in this case that disturbed him.

George’s Case

George was annoyed with Audrey they’d been married for 47 years and their relationship had reached a stalemate. They didn’t seem to go out to the local social club anymore. They used to go twice a week. The local Conservative Club always had bingo on Sundays and dancing with a live singer on a Fridays. They loved going and hearing their old songs together but recently this had changed. He worried she’d found someone else.

Never too old

Audrey had always been attractive; even now at 68 she was beautiful and made the most of her looks. She always dressed to impress, her nails and hair were always perfect. A glamorous gran most would say, she looked younger than her years. George was in the Armed Forces when they met and they’d fallen in love immediately. They’d married at 21, six months after they started courting. George doted on her but she seemed distant recently and he couldn’t work out why.

They had a son, Gerald, who was always pretty easy for George to talk to. George sat his son down and said his mother had been acting strangely. George knew she’d always had a lot of male attention. In fact, George’s mother had disowned him for marrying her. Gerald said his mother had cancelled their weekly lunches for three weeks in a row and he was equally worried about her.

Lie detector test in Leicester

George confronted Audrey about her behaviour. She laughed at the suggestion that she was up to no good. She said she had been feeling unwell and couldn’t keep her meetings with Gerald due to this. George didn’t want to feel his wife of so many years had been playing away and so he contacted us for a lie detector test in Leicester.

Audrey agreed to go without hesitation and George felt bad for even thinking she’d do such a thing. She was so calm when she met our Leicester Polygraph Examiner.  She walked out from the test as confidently as she had walked in. She loved her husband and just wanted to prove her innocence.

Results, report and advice from Leicester Polygraph Examiner

The results proved that Audrey hadn’t broken her vows but our examiner contacted George and voiced his concerns. He explained that he’d needed to repeat himself several times during the pre-test interview.  He’d gone over the questions she was to answer during the polygraph examination but she seemed confused, and asked to go over them again.  On reflection our examiner suggested they speak to their doctor about her short term memory.

George and Gerald accompanied an unwilling Audrey to her doctor. After tests it was confirmed she may have the early signs of dementia. George’s ‘green eyed monster’ had prevented him from considering this when Audrey had become so withdrawn. He’d put her forgetfulness and feeling unwell down to age. He chastised himself for thinking the worst of her and she now has the medication she needs to live as comfortably as she can.

Our Leicester Polygraph Examiner unearthed something George wished he hadn’t. However, he was grateful to us for keeping in touch and highlighting an issue that can now be treated. Naturally if Audrey had been diagnosed with dementia before the test, it would not have taken place since these types of medical conditions can affect the accuracy of lie detector tests.

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