Christmas should be a happy time of the year but unfortunately it can bring out the worst in people. A Leicester lie detector test we administered last year proved this beyond doubt.

Gemma’s case

Gemma had been scrimping and scraping for months. She wanted her children to have a good Christmas and had managed to save just over £1250 for presents.  She took Stacey with her to buy them. Stacey had been her best friend and neighbour since Gemma moved into her property the previous year. She was always broke but Gemma helped her out whenever she had any money to spare.

Shopping Trip

They waited till Black Friday, as Gemma knew she’d get more for her money and she did brilliantly. She managed to get an iPad for her son Colin. It was an older model but he wouldn’t care. She also bought a few clothing items from his favourite surf wear shop and a new school bag. Hannah, her daughter got a new android phone, school bag, some makeup and hair accessories. They would both be over the moon and she still had just over £125 left.

Gemma felt sorry for Stacey who had 3 children and had only managed to save £200. She’d bought a lot of gifts but they were all cheap and from the market. The two sets of children spent time together and she knew how they’d feel when they found out what Colin and Hannah had received. With this thought, she handed over the £125 and told her to get something special for her kids.

The break in

Stacey and Gemma had spent hours wrapping the gifts and once they were all under the tree, it looked like she’d spent a fortune. Gemma was really proud of herself and took Stacey to the local pub to celebrate. The local was a bit rough and full of undesirables but they were only going for a quick drink, so Gemma didn’t mind. One drink lead to two and after 4 hours, Gemma decided to go home. Stacey stayed talking to some lads they’d met in there. Gemma disapproved considering that the lads had a bad reputation but left Stacey to it.

On Gemma’s return, she saw her back door had been broken into and her lounge was trashed. Whoever had got into the property had stolen some presents, not all of them but when Gemma went through them she could see the iPad was missing and the phone. There were a few smaller presents missing but it became apparent to Gemma that whoever had stolen them knew they were there. The rest of the house was untouched.

Gemma called her father, Stan, in tears and he offered to replace the missing items but she’d have to pay him back. He also mentioned it seemed strange that the two most expensive presents were missing and that he didn’t trust Stacey. He suggested booking a Leicester lie detector test for her. If it was a random break in then why take just the presents? Why was nothing stolen from the rest of the house such as the TVs?

Leicester lie detector test

Christmas day was lovely, everyone opened their gifts and it was strange to see Stacey’s eldest open an iPad. When Gemma asked where she got it, Stacey claimed to have visited Cash Converters and used the £125 given to her to buy it.

Gemma spoke to Stan about it shortly after Christmas and explained it was possible but Stan was having none of it. He’d never liked Stacey and contacted us for a Leicester lie detector test. Gemma had already been to the police about the break in and Stan told Stacey if she didn’t take the test he would tell the police his suspicions. Gemma couldn’t believe her best friend would have anything to do with it, besides she was with her in the pub when the theft took place.  However, Stacey was more than willing to take the test to “prove her innocence” as she put it.

An alibi

The polygraph examination took place and Stacey hadn’t taken the presents, but she did know who had. Our polygraph examiner also asked if the iPad was originally Gemma’s. This was a question Stacey hadn’t been expecting and she failed. After the test Stacey knew she was in deep trouble so she confessed. She had arranged for someone to steal from the house and had intentionally kept Gemma in the pub for longer. This allowed time for her friends to get in and take the gifts. Stacey knew if she was with Gemma at the time of the break in she’d have a perfect alibi.

Her excuse for doing it was that Gemma had taken her with her to shop for gifts. Gemma knew she didn’t have much money but she felt that Gemma had done it to brag about how much more she had.  Giving her the £125 had humiliated her into accepting charity. Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Stacey had asked to go on the trip and Gemma had genuinely tried to help her.

Gemma contacted the police and provided them with the results from the Leicester lie detector test. The polygraph report might not be allowed in court but it was certainly enough for the police to question Stacey and investigate the matter.

The two women are no longer friends and Gemma is far more careful when deciding who to let into her life.

If you suspect someone of dishonesty call our free helpline to find out if a polygraph test can help you discover the truth.  Our polygraph examiners work diligently nationwide helping people to move forward with their lives. They are highly qualified forensic psychologists and fully accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association.