Leeds polygraph test proves affair

A Leeds lie detector was recently used by our client Tim. Tim suspected his fiancé Holly guilty of having an affair after joining a new photography club.

The beginning

Tim met Holly when the pair both worked for an accountancy firm. Holly joined the PR team whilst Tim was a senior accountant. Holly had always had a passion for photography and always entered competitions and local exhibitions when she found the time. Tim encouraged Holly with her hobby and when the couple moved to a new village after lockdown, Tim was happy that Holly could join a local photography club.

Suspicions start

Holly started to spend a lot of extra time socialising with new friends she had made at the club. Happy at first that Holly was settling into new village life well, Tim didn’t mind seeing less of his fiancé. However, one evening Tim found a note in Holly’s photography bag that read “Can’t wait to see you again, K xx”. He confronted Holly but she became defensive and asked why he was looking through her things. Tim told Holly he was looking for a spare rechargeable battery pack for his game’s controller. Holly said the note was simply from a friend and he shouldn’t worry about it. Not wanting to fight anymore, Tim decided to ignore the note.

The evidence

A few weeks went by and Tim still couldn’t help feeling like Holly was becoming more and more distant. One evening when Holly was at her photography club meeting, Tim decided to go for a walk round the village to clear his head. To his surprise, he saw Holly’s car outside an unknown house. He thought the club meeting was at the village hall, so found it out she would be parked outside a small cottage in the village.

Time for a lie detector test

When Holly got home that evening Tim asked her why her car was outside a house and not at the village hall. Holly was upset at Tim again for “Spying on her”. She said the meeting had been moved to a member’s house because the village hall had double booked with a yoga class. Tim couldn’t help but feel Holly was lying. Later that evening when surfing the web in bed, Tim found Lie Detector Test UK’S Blog and read a story about infidelity. He decided to book a test using our online booking form and told Holly the next morning. Holly agreed she would take the test to stop the arguments and prove there was nothing going on.

The test

Holly tuned up at our Leeds office to take her test. The test results showed she was lying. She returned home to tell Tim that she had failed the test and she was sorry. She had met someone at the photography club and what started off as innocent flirting had developed into an affair. Holly said she wanted to separate and move out. Tim was hurt and upset but he was grateful to Lie Detector Test UK for finally giving him the truth he deserved. He now looks forward to moving on and living his life without the lies.

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