Lazy Stepson exposed by Kensington Lie Detector Test

Our client’s stepson was the main cause of arguments in her marriage. She booked a Kensington lie detector test to open her husband´s eyes to the truth.

Chloe’s Case

The cost of keeping her stepson, Liam, at University was astronomical and Chloe resented it.  It wasn’t because she didn’t want him to have the best education possible, but she didn´t believe he was pulling his weight. She felt his degree course was a waste of money and she didn´t see the point of it at all.

Heated argument

During the pandemic Liam had spent most of his time fiddling with his phone or playing computer games.  He hadn’t completed any of his course work as far as she was aware. Having made so many sacrifices for his education, Chloe was enraged one day watching him messaging all day on his phone. So angry was she that when she got the opportunity, she took his phone and hid it.

Liam had a meltdown swearing, shouting and hyperventilating as he searched for the phone. Chloe’s husband, Karl, was helping him look for it when Chloe admitted to taking it. The row that ensued was spectacular and one of the worst they’d ever had. It ended when Chloe reluctantly handed back the phone.

That evening Karl and Chloe had a long conversation about how she felt.  She was tired of scrimping and saving so that they could afford to pay for Liam’s education when he wasn’t taking full advantage of it. Karl believed that life experience was equally as important as educational qualifications.  But Chloe reasoned, if he wasn’t putting in the work for his degree, Liam wasn’t considering his education important at all.

Kensington lie detector test

One of Chloe’s friends had a similar problem with her daughter, and she’d resolved it with a lie detector test. Getting little or no information from the University about her daughter’s progress she’d booked a polygraph examination for her.  Since she was over 18 the University had no obligation to provide parents with information, even if they were paying. It transpired that her daughter was not putting in the work required to succeed and so Chloe’s friend had pulled her out.

It was difficult persuading Karl to agree to putting Liam through the test but in the end he agreed. Without threatening Liam with cutting off his income, it was even more difficult.

Chloe notice that the week before the test date, Liam was searching the internet for ways to beat the polygraph.  She called us and we assured her that we knew every trick in the book including the drawing pin in the shoe!

Liam turned up for the Kensington lie detector test which he took without shoes on, and he failed miserably. He had hardly attended any lectures when he was supposed to and completed virtually none of his online coursework.


Liam has been given one last chance to catch up on course work.  A meeting has been arranged with the University for Liam and his parents to discuss his education.

The pandemic has given some students the opportunity to work in a relaxed atmosphere at home. But for others the lack of a disciplined approach to work has provided an excuse to shirk.

Parents naturally want to do the best for their children but it’s a two way street in which children also have the responsibility to ensure their parents are getting value for money. A lie detector test is sometimes the means to ensure they do.