Latest News from Lie Detector Test UK 16 June 2019

Jun 16, 2019

The second week of June hasn’t provided much of a break for our polygraph examiners up and down the country. They’ve been analysing stories in the news, answering your queries and helping you decide if a lie detector test is the best solution for you. We’ve got case studies and articles we thought would be interesting to share. Please read on for the latest news from Lie Detector Test UK.

GoFundMe fraud, Murder in Paradise, Politicians in the spotlight, Lucy Letby, and  Advice on infidelity

10 June – Call for help when a friend starts a GoFundMe page and everything isn’t what it seems. Check out our Wolverhampton polygraph examiner’s response

10 June – Murder in Paradise, Mum found without hair and eyes. 10 years on with no answer or closure. Maybe lie detector tests could help. Read the Sun’s article here

11 June – Invitation to Madeleine Moon MP to take lie detector test in Bridgend about her Brexit comments

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11 June – Call for alleged killer nurse to take lie detector test in Chester, what are your views? Read the full details

12 June – Can our Manchester polygraph examiner help a husband find out if his wife is cheating? See his response now

Missing holiday money, To polygraph or not to polygraph, Animal Abuse and Psychic or fraudster?

13 June – Bolton polygraph examiner helps a client find out where her gap year money has gone. The full story can be read here

14 June – Psychic or fraud? How a Birmingham husband found out there were no messages from beyond the grave. This sad tale was at the expense of his wife and can be seen by clicking here

15 June – Our Hampshire polygraph examiner calls for lie detector tests to be introduced into animal abuse cases. They can’t tell you what happened so how can we find out?

If you spot anything you think should be included in the latest news from Lie Detector Test UK please send it to us.  As always our polygraph examiners are happy to answer any questions you have about our services and offer free advice.

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