Latest Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup February 2021

Feb 28, 2021

Latest Lie Detector Test UK News Roundup February 2021

Here is our latest Lie Detector Test UK news for February 2021 so that you can catch up on what we have been doing and talking about this month. The Covid-19 lockdown has certainly inspired a surge in truth seeking as you will see from our case studies. Letters are on the rise too with many queries for advice from our polygraph examiners.

Domestic violence, Death of Sir Tom Moore, Lying body language

1 February – Case Study – Rochester Lie Detector Test exposes Violent Husband’s Lies

1 February – He “Horrifically Abused Me for Years”: Evan Rachel Wood and other women make allegations of abuse against Marilyn Manson

3 February – R.I.P. Captain Sir Tom Moore – a kind, honest man who inspired us all with his strength and optimism

3 February – New Study reveals that men mimic body language when lying

Data theft, Children’s mental health, Valentine’s Day dilemma

4 February – Case Study – Data Theft Query for Commercial Lie Detector Tests in Birmingham

5 February –The Duchess of Cambridge talks to teachers during Children’s Mental Health Week.

5 February- Case Study – Lie Detector Test in Kettering resolves Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Liar of the week, False allegations, ICO investigation

6 February – Liar of the Week – Sir Keir Starmer who proved beyond doubt that you need an excellent memory to be a good liar.

8 February – Case Study –  Brighton Polygraph Examiner advises on False Allegations of Paedophilia

9 February –The UK Information Commissioner’s Office is investigating itself after Insider discovered it spent more than £6,000 ($8,220) on luxury chocolate in the holiday season. Lie detector test anyone?

Unromantic gifts, Child neglect allegations, Car vandal

10 February – A Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for Unromantic Partners

11 February – Case Study – Malicious Social Services Caller exposed by Lie Detector Test in Lincoln

12 February – Case Study – Car Vandal identified by Hatfield Lie Detector Test

Long term domestic abuse, Infidelity, National Drink Wine Day

15 February – Case Study – Long Term Domestic Abuse revealed by Nottingham Lie Detector Test

17 February – Case Study – Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Surrey reveals Cheating Wife

18 February – National Drink Wine Day Lie Detector Test Discount

Historical sexual abuse, Valentine’s Day cheater, Infidelity

18 February – A former Labour peer attempted to rape a girl and alongside his two brothers sexually assaulted a boy when growing up in Rotherham, jury members in a historical sex offences trial heard yesterday.

19 February – Case Study – Kidderminster Polygraph Examiner advises on Valentine’s Day Cheater

20 February – Case Study – Red Light District visitors take Leicester Lie Detector Tests

World Thinking Day, Covid Roadmap, Police apology

22 February – Stand Strong, Stand up and Stand Together on International World Thinking Day 2021

23 February – Covid-19 Update – Lifting of Restrictions Roadmap 

23 FebruaryMerseyside Police apologise for a poster that incorrectly claimed: “Being offensive is an offence”.

Car insurance fraud, Theft, Infidelity, False allegations, Shemima Begum

24 February – Case Study – Car Insurance Fraud exposed by Birmingham Lie Detector Test

25 February – Case Study – Church Thieves exposed by Mansfield Lie Detector Tests

26 February – Case Study – Threesome leads to Lie Detector Test in Chelsea

27 February – Case Study – Sexual Advances confirmed by Chichester Lie Detector Tests

28 February – IS bride Shamima Begum is “very angry, upset and crying” after being refused permission to return to the UK to fight a decision to strip her of British citizenship.

Lie Detector Test UK News

We’ve included links this month that we think will be of particular interest to our readers.  However, if you’d like to see more you can always visit our Facebook and Twitter accounts to check out what else we’ve done this month.

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