Latest Lie Detector Test News Roundup November 2020

Nov 30, 2020

Latest Lie Detector Test News Roundup November 2020

In a society that increasingly seems to find lies acceptable we share news stories and case studies in our latest Lie Detector Test News Roundup November 2020 issue. And naturally the advice our polygraph examiners have given during the course of the month.

BBC criticised, False allegations, Petition regarding pay cuts

1 November – The BBC began promoting a new four-part documentary series, The Trials of Oscar Pistorius. It launched a trailer that featured Pistorius’s “remarkable” sporting achievements, praise from Nelson Mandela and his lie that “he didn’t do it”. His victim was not mentioned!

2 November – False allegations regarding a kiss ostracised our client from his family and friends. He booked a lie detector test in Stratford upon Avon to get his life back on track.

3 November – MPs are asking furloughed employees to take a 20% pay cut for the duration of the second lockdown. We think they should do the same. If you do, please sign and share this petition.

Hump Day discount, Government dishonesty, Girlfriend’s alleged lies

4 November – Declutter your life with a Hump Day Lie Detector Test.

4 November – Even the BBC is questioning the Government’s honesty regarding its justification for another lockdown.

5 November – Will a Soho Lie Detector Test discover if my girlfriend voted for Brexit?

Flawed Covid heat maps, Covid lockdown rules, Child abuse

6 November – Heat maps presented to the general public on Saturday evening predicting a worst case scenario of more than 4,000 deaths a day by December have been withdrawn by the Government after experts concluded they were mathematically flawed.

7 November – Keep up to date with the new Covid-19 lockdown rules in England and how they will affect you.

8 November – Sixty four babies were deliberately harmed in England – eight of whom died. Some 40% of the 300 incidents reported involved infants, up a fifth on 2019. Social and health workers say they are being hampered by lockdown restrictions.

Infidelity allegations, Lucy Letby, Born on a Wednesday

9 November – Our client’s husband is an attractive, high ranking police officer. When allegations of infidelity came to her attention, she booked a Kettering lie detector test but not for him.

10 November – Isn’t it time for Lucy Letby to take a lie detector test?

11 November – Were you born on a Wednesday? Find out what this means here!

Honeymoon infidelity allegations, Christmas lies, Theft accusation

12 November – Our client suspected his bride of infidelity on their honeymoon. When they got back home he booked a lie detector test in Folkestone to put his doubts to rest.

13 November – Our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner takes a look at how the lies we tell our children at Christmas will change this year and why.

16 November – Our client was a little torn about booking a lie detector test in Knightsbridge for her son.  She thought it would end a close friendship with her neighbour but in the end decided the truth was better out.

Jack Dorsey Twitter, Hump Day discount, Virtual infidelity

17 November – We think Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO, should take a lie detector test after watching his interview with Ted Cruz. How about you?

18 November – Another week gone by since our last Hump Day post and yet again it’s Wednesday. Do you know it’s the ideal day for making decisions?

19 November – Virtual Infidelity revealed by Lie Detector Test in Shrewsbury.

BBC bosses’ lies, Theft within the family, Missing wife controversy

19 November – BBC bosses ‘conspired, lied and cheated’ their way out of the scandal around Martin Bashir’s Princess Diana interview, a former Panorama journalist has claimed.

20 November – Sometimes helping a family member out can cost more than you imagine. Our client ordered a Loughborough lie detector test when she suspected her brother of stealing money.

21 November – Husband of missing wife refutes brother-in-law’s claim that he refused lie detector test. What stops the husband volunteering to take one with the local police?

Paternity issue, Guidelines for choosing a polygraph examiner, Plank of the Week

22 November – Lie Detector Test in Stevenage resolves identical twins paternity issue.

23 November – IMPORTANT NOTICE! Do you need help choosing an examiner, read our helpful guide here!

24 November – This week’s nominations for Mike Graham’s Plank of the Week included, Matt Hancock, Ian Blackford and Lewis Hamilton. Who would you nominate?

Wednesday people, Christmas infidelity, Inheritance theft

25 November – What we habitually get up to on Wednesday.

26 November – Lie Detector Test in Newark Enquiry – Christmas Infidelity.

27 November – We received this enquiry for a Uttoxeter lie detector test when jewellery went missing after the death of a loved one. This type of theft is extremely distressing and it’s surprising how often it happens.

Twitter Poll, Martin Bashir alleged lies

28 November Participate in our Twitter poll where we ask how you feel about the Government’s Christmas rules here.

29 November – Martin Bashir, back in the headlines for allegedly telling Princess Diana lies that British security services were planning to kill her! Read the full story here.

29 November – Mairead Philpott, who burned down her Derby home with her children inside, was “delighted” according to the Daily Mail at being released from prison having served only half her sentence. How fair do you believe this is?

That’s it for our November roundup of latest lie detector test news and advice.  Keep your questions coming in for our polygraph examiners? They’ll always make time to answer them. And if you’ve got some polygraph news to share we’ll happily publish it in our next latest lie detector test news roundup for December 2020.

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