Latest Lie Detector News for December 2020

Dec 31, 2020

Latest Lie Detector News for December 2020

This is our last news roundup of 2020 and what a year it has been! The latest lie detector news for December 2020 is packed full of case studies, polygraph examiner advice and controversial issues.

Best gift for Christmas, High Court ruling on gender dysphoria, Family dispute

1 December – The best gift for Christmas is often the truth because when a cloud of doubt and suspicion hangs over the festivities it ruins everyone’s enjoyment

2 December – Children under 16 with gender dysphoria are unlikely to be able to give informed consent to undergo treatment with puberty-blocking drugs, three High Court judges have ruled

3 December – Our clients had come to the end of their tether with their father’s young wife. So they ordered a Warwickshire lie detector test to resolve some issues before Christmas

Christmas invitation, Critical thinking deficit, Historical murder case solved

4 December – North London Polygraph Examiner advises a distraught mother on why she may not have received a Christmas invitation she was expecting

5 December – 75 percent of employers claim the students they hire after 12, 16 or more years of formal education lack the ability to think critically and solve problems

6 December – No matter how long it takes, or what method detectives use, invariably the truth comes out. Man charged with murders in Kent from 1987

Domestic abuse, Kay Burley hypocrisy, Little white Christmas lies

7 December – Case Study | Male Domestic Abuse Victim revealed by Stoke Lie Detector Test

8 December – Calls for Dominic Cummings to resign, or be sacked, when he allegedly broke lockdown rules came from Ms Kay Burley from Sky News. Indeed she did an excellent job of pillorying him. Now it seems she has done something very similar. Should she resign?

9 December – Little White Lies we tell on Christmas Day

Theft within the family, Infidelity, Christmas gift suspicions

10 December – It’s astonishing when money goes missing, and only two people had access to it, the one that stole it still doesn’t ‘fess up. Great that we have lie detector tests isn’t it?

12 December – Will a Lie Detector Test in Corby prove my Husband is going abroad to cheat on me?

14 December – Lie Detector Test in Crawley reveals origin of Christmas Gifts

Horrendous Christmas gifts, Christmas infidelity, Innocent man released from prison

16 December – Giving Horrendous Christmas Gifts encourages people to tell you Lies

17 December – Shrewsbury Polygraph Examiner deals with Christmas Infidelity Query

18 December – Michigan man freed from prison after 37 years

Sexual abuse, New Covid Tiers, Banning Christmas

18 December – Sisters in Law unite with 3 Lie Detector Tests in Mansfield

19 December – Changes in Tiers and Tears over the New Christmas Covid-19 rules

19 December – Did you know that Christmas was once banned back in 1647, in the kingdoms of England (which at the time included Wales), Scotland and Ireland, and it didn’t work out very well?

Freedom of Speech ruling, Fake medium, Christmas & New Year greeting

20 December – Polish Justice Minister announced a legal initiative aimed at enabling internet users to file complaints against the removal of online posts as well as the creation of a special court for freedom of speech

21 December – Chichester Lie Detector Test exposes Fake Medium

22 December – We wish all clients, friends, associates and suppliers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all your support in what has been a difficult year for everyone

Jealous boyfriend jailed, Our new mascot Alfie, Cheating wife

23 December – Jealous boyfriend who attacked his partner made her take lie detector test to prove she wasn’t cheating on him

23 December – The Lie Detector Test UK mascot, Alfie, is only 9 weeks old and hasn’t yet mastered the art of writing. However, he represents a true example of a dog is for life and not just for Christmas ethic

24 December – Lie Detector Test in Guildford exposes Cheating Wife

Polygraph examiners’ Christmas chat, Grooming gang client, New Year Resolutions

25 December – We asked some of our UK Polygraph Examiners what they will be discussing over their Christmas Day lunch and here is what they had to say

28 December -Lie Detector Test in Redditch reveals what happened to a Baby born out of Rape

30 December – Odd New Year resolutions and lies we tell ourselves

Latest lie detector news for December 2020

Our next news roundup will be at the end of January 2021. We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest lie detector test news for December 2020. We welcome all contributions and your questions for our polygraph examiners. They look forward to receiving more next year.

We take this opportunity of wishing our readers good health in the New Year.  Hopefully your difficulties will not be too great given the new Covid restrictions.

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