Dark secrets in the family may take a very long time to emerge but invariably they come out. Our client booked a Lancaster lie detector test to find out which of his parents was being dishonest.

Connor’s Case

Connor had lived with his mother, Hazel, all his life. Now at 16, he’d accepted that his dad had left home when he was very young. His mother told him that his father wanted nothing to do with him or his brother, Mason who was 14.

Throughout their lives they’d move from place to place and school to school. Their mother worked hard and provided everything they needed but they couldn’t understand why they’d moved so often. It had been frustrating making new friends and losing them time and again.

One day Connor was contacted on Facebook by a man who claimed to be his dad. Christopher told him that he’d been trying to find Connor and Mason for years.  He’d tried to send birthday and Christmas gifts but they always came back ‘return to sender’.

A word with mother

Connor showed his Facebook messages to Hazel who confirmed Christopher was his father but said he was lying.  There had never been any gifts sent and Connor shouldn’t believe a word he said. She said she hadn’t wanted to tell her children how violent their father was but given this contact she would.

Hazel sat down with her sons and told them that Christopher hadn’t left them. She threw him out with the help of an injunction. The reason was that he had beaten her black and blue on numerous occasions. She worried that as the boys grew older he would beat them too. They had moved so often because she was terrified he’d break the court order and find them. Connor and his brother were left confused and upset.

Lancaster lie detector test

Connor cycled over to his friend Dominic’s house.  He envied his friend having both mother and father and Dominic’s dad, Nathan, was ace.  He treated Connor like a son.  Sitting down with Nathan and Dominic, Connor related the whole story.  He said he didn’t know who to believe.  Had Christopher really tried to find them or was Hazel lying?  But Christopher vehemently denied ever laying a hand on his mother.

Nathan suggested that he got one or other both of his parents to take a lie detector test. Connor didn’t know how to arrange this so Nathan offered to help.  But first Connor had to find out if his parents would agree.

Christopher was more than willing but Hazel wasn’t.  She was offended, hurt and angry that her son doubted what she had told him. Connor pointed out that she had lied about Christopher leaving them and that made her angrier.  After all she had done for him how could he not trust her?

In the end Connor put Nathan in touch with Christopher and it was decided that only Christopher would take the test.  Nathan provided our details and Christopher booked and paid for our Lancaster lie detector test service.

The truth will out

In the pre-test interview Christopher told our Lancaster polygraph examiner that he’d left because Hazel was having an affair.  He’d tried to forgive her but in one argument she had said that Mason wasn’t his child.  He believed she was still seeing her lover and though he didn’t want to leave, he felt he had no choice.  Connor was a little under 3 at the time and Mason just a baby.

Hazel’s lover was married and when his wife found out about the affair, he dumped Hazel. That was around a year after Christopher left.  Hazel tried to rekindle her relationship with Christopher after that but he had moved on.  He fell in love with a woman at work and they were still together.

On learning this Hazel lashed out at him by taking the boys away. She moved so many times it was impossible to track her.  Whenever he’d found an address she quickly moved out.  He had sent gifts every year for the boys.

Polygraph results

The results of the Lancaster lie detector test proved Christopher was telling the truth and he had never been domestically violent.

There was no need for Hazel to take a polygraph test because if Christopher was telling the truth, she must have been lying.

Confronted with the results Hazel agreed that Christopher told the truth.  She felt ashamed about what she had done so had spun a web of lies so that her sons wouldn’t know.

Connor can’t forgive his mother for the years he lost with his father and now lives with Christopher.  Mason remains with Hazel but sees his brother often.  Despite doubts as to his parentage, Christopher treats Mason the same. One day, if Mason wants a paternity test, Christopher will arrange it but for now he is and will remain his son.

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