Kingston lie detector test exposes Husband’s STI Lie

When our client found that she had an STI (sexually transmitted infection) she ordered a Kingston lie detector test for her husband.

Fiona’s Case

Ross and Fiona had been married for over 30 years when lockdown hit. Fiona had always looked after herself, preening and keeping herself attractive for her man. Ross was impressed how young she looked, at 54, she looked more like 40. All of their friends always commented how he was punching above his weight. It didn’t come without cost for Fiona though. She seemed to spend all her time in the salon and when the Coronavirus pandemic occurred, she had to let everything slide. Her nails looked awful. Years of acrylic hadn’t been kind; her nails were brittle and always breaking. She managed to keep on top of her eyebrows and any other unwanted hair, with the exception of downstairs. She’d always had a Hollywood or a Brazilian but these days she looked more like the women did in the 70’s. Ross didn’t mind. He loved his wife inside and out and he knew she’d be back to her old self in no time. He’d never asked her to do all the things she did, but she did them for him and he loved her even more for that.

STI drama

Fiona had been unlucky when it came to children. They had one and tried for more but an early menopause put a stop to that. She wasn’t able to have any more children from 42 and therefore, they had no need to use protection. Their son was a straight A student and they couldn’t be prouder, but they just felt guilty he was an only child.

Fiona hated not looking her best for her husband, so decided to shave whilst she waited for the salons to reopen. It was difficult to say the least and after a few days she started to itch. She assumed, as anyone would, that it was her hair growing back but on closer inspection realised something was wrong. She could see things moving and it worried her so much she went to see her GP. Dr Frost, their family doctor for years, confirmed she had a parasite infection – pubic lice. Fiona was embarrassed and horrified. The trip to her local chemist, who had also known the whole family for years, presented an unwanted reaction too. As much as her doctor and the pharmacist tried to relax her, she couldn’t hide her shame.


Returning home that evening, she discussed the issue with her husband. Ross claimed there was an epidemic in the UK which had been covered in the news. These lice can be found in all hair and Ross protested that this was where they must have come from. Inspecting himself he confirmed he also had the same ailment. After the treatment and the eradication of these horrible little insects, Fiona couldn’t get the thought out of her mind. She asked Ross if he’d cheated and he said he hadn’t.

She did some research on the internet and there were some articles related to a possible ‘epidemic’ of pubic lice due to people not shaving or waxing during lockdown. But that didn’t explain where they came from in the first place.  Ross was right that they could live in other hair but with social distancing there was no mention of them being able to fly or pole vault onto another person! For Fiona it all pointed to one of them having sex with an infected person and it certainly wasn’t her.

Lie detector test in Kingston upon Thames

Having booked a Kingston lie detector test with us, Fiona told Ross he was taking it or she was leaving him. The shame she felt was unforgivable.  She knew neither her doctor nor the chemist would tell anyone but she had been humiliated and embarrassed.

Ross took the polygraph examination and Fiona had the results within 24 hours. They confirmed that her husband and partner of 30 years was an adulterer.  There was no way she could ever forgive him; the affair maybe, but the events that unfolded afterwards – never.

She’d been forced to contact our Kingston lie detector test service and relive the shame of explaining the situation to get the truth out of him. Ross could have saved her from that by being truthful. The two have separated and Fiona is still looking after herself. But this time, it’s for her benefit and not for her lying husband.

Greater London polygraph examiners

Our polygraph examiners work throughout London, the Home Counties and nationwide. Fiona chose our Kingston lie detector test service because it was the nearest office to her home.  However, if you decide to make an online booking you will see the wide range of locations you can choose from.

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