In a quite astonishing case this week we can’t help but feel that a Kent lie detector test service would have saved a lot of time, money and heartache.

Most people are careful when giving somebody rights to manage their affairs, legally or otherwise. In the USA the use of polygraph services for a variety of different matters is considered normal; but not so much in the UK, although popularity is growing. It’s a commonly held belief that the polygraph is only related to truth and dishonesty. However, the polygraph is often used in background checks and to ascertain the calibre of someone’s character. If 94 year old George Manwill had insisted on a Kent lie detector test for Anthony McErlean he would have discovered how very untrustworthy he was.

Who is Anthony McErlean?

74 year old McErlean is a conman from Canterbury in Kent, who was jailed for 5 years at Woolwich Crown Court this week.  He was charged and convicted of fraudulently obtaining a lasting power of attorney for gain. He will be subject to further legal action under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in the future.

McErlean first contacted George Manwill by phone offering a Last Will and Testament writing service. It would appear that Mr Manwill expressed some interest since McErlean arrived at his house not long after the call. During an 8 month period he managed to gain the confidence of the pensioner ‘helping’ him with many aspects of his life.

Having assisted Mr Manwill in the sale of his £800,000 home and a subsequent move into residential care McErlean set about stripping the elderly man’s assets.  Using a fraudulently obtained power of attorney he paid a bond valued at £135,000 into his own account.

Unaware that police were monitoring his activities, due to the residential care home staff reporting him, McErlean was arrested after attempting to purchase expensive jewellery and a car.  To learn more about this fraud click on KentOnline

What a Kent lie detector test would have revealed

Many people will remember the case of the “Canoe Man”, John Darwin who disappeared in March 2002. In an elaborate plan Darwin defrauded his insurance provider (UNAT Direct) of around £155,000 including life insurance and the settlement of his mortgage when he faked his own death. In 2007 he resurfaced.  To read the fully story click here

McErlean tried to replicate Darwin’s crime but was unsuccessful.  He tried to defraud his insurers of more than half a million pounds by faking his death in much the same way as Darwin had done. However, unlike Darwin’s case, the insurers didn’t believe the claim for life insurance was genuine and investigated the death.  In consequence McErlean was jailed for 5 years in 2011 during which time he featured in a documentary about pensioners who were imprisoned for various crimes.  Check out the video below which makes interesting viewing:


McErlean had also been convicted of other crimes including illegal possession of a firearm and robbery.  Our Kent lie detector test service would have shown he was dishonest.

If you are a vulnerable person, such as Mr Manwill was, and considering engaging the services of a friend or professional to help with your affairs check them out first.  One simple way to do that is with our Kent lie detector test service. Our polygraph examiners operate nationwide as well as in the Kent area.