June 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Jun 30, 2021

June 2021 Lie Detector Test News Roundup

Honesty has been a bit sparse this month as you will see from this June 2021 lie detector test news roundup. There has also been quite a lot of manipulation of the truth from a variety of sources within government and other institutions. False allegations have made some people’s lives a misery and infidelity has been rife. We sometimes wonder whether society has lost its moral compass!

UNICEF, Lesbian lie, Sexual assault allegations

1 June – UNICEF Report Says Pornography is Not Always Harmful to Children – The last thing children need is a billion-dollar UN agency, created to protect children, telling them that porn is okay.

2 June- Swindon Lie Detector Test exposes Lesbian Lie – What some men will do to get away with infidelity is quite astonishing.

3 June – Leicester Lie Detector Test Query for Sexual Assault Allegations

Employee lies, Infidelity, Madeleine Mcann

4 June – Telford lie detector test reveals Employee Lies

5 June – Cheating Married Man exposed by Mansfield Lie Detector Test

6 June – A clairvoyant who has worked with police before and been successful in finding missing persons, has given police the exact location of where he believes the body of Madeleine McCann is buried.

Sarah Everard, Gender change coercion, Meghan and Harry

7 June – A serving police officer has admitted kidnapping and raping Sarah Everard but was not asked to enter a plea to a charge of murder

7 June – Birmingham Lie Detector Test Query for Gender Change Coercion

9 June – Meghan and Harry Make Legal Threat Over Palace Briefing on the Naming of Lilibet

Adoption confusion, Maya Forstater, Lazy stepson

9 June – Canterbury Lie Detector Test dispels Adoption Confusion

10 June – Maya Forstater – Woman wins tribunal appeal over transgender tweets

11 June – Lazy Stepson exposed by Kensington Lie Detector Test

Cheating girlfriend, Infidelity, Covid Update

12 June – Corby Lie Detector Test query about Cheating Girlfriend

14 June – Long Distance Lorry Driver caught out by Guildford Lie Detector Test

15 June – Last night we learned from Prime Minster, Boris Johnson, that Step 4 Covid restrictions will remain in place for a further 4 weeks, despite promises to the contrary.

Bitter dad’s lies, Gary Glitter, Infidelity

16 June – Mum takes Grantham Lie Detector Test to dispel Dad’s Lies

18 June – Warwick Polygraph Examiner reviews Gary Glitter Case

19 June – Polygraph Examiner in Solihull advises on Brother-in-Law Infidelity

Father’s Day, Teenage pregnancy lie, Jeremy Kyle documentary

20 June – Father’s Day 2021 – Honest Fathers raise Honest Children

21 June – Stevenage Lie Detector Test exposes Teenager’s Lies

22 June – ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ to be examined in new Channel 4 programme

‘White Privilege’, Human trafficking, The Sussexes finance lie

22 June – Education: Terms like ‘white privilege’ could have caused ‘systemic neglect’ of white working-class pupils

23 June – Derby Lie Detector Test reveals Human Trafficking Betrayal

24 June – Prince Charles financially supported Sussexes until summer of 2020 – Clarence House

Controlling husband, Matt Hancock, Plank of the Week

25 June – Dudley Lie Detector Test Query about Controlling Husband

25 June – CHEATING HANCOCK, Matt Hancock’s secret affair with aide Gina Coladangelo is exposed after office snogs while Covid raged on

26 June – Mike Graham’s Plank of the Week nominations include Marks and Spencer, Matt Hancock and James Corden. But did any of them win the award?

Forgiveness Day, Colin Pitchfork, ‘Bad Boy’ fiancée, Washington Post lies

26 June – Forgiveness Day – Lies are often Forgiven but rarely Forgotten

28 June – Robert Buckland, the UK justice secretary, is to ask the Parole Board to reconsider its decision to approve the release of the child killer and rapist Colin Pitchfork.

28 June – North London Lie Detector Test Query for Bad Boy Fiancé

28 June – The Washington Post has been ‘caught out’ by its lies In recent days, The Washington Post has had to add in a suite of corrections and clarifications on a story that centred on Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo.

June 2021 Lie Detector Test News

That’s it for the June 2021 lie detector test news roundup.  Have we missed anything? We welcome any newsworthy stories from our readers, related to dishonesty.

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