July 2021 News Roundup – Lie Detector Test UK

Jul 31, 2021

July 2021 News Roundup – Lie Detector Test UK

There have been lots of trust issues for our polygraph examiners to sort out this month and many trust issues that have featured in the media. We highlight some of these in our July 2021 News Roundup.

Historical childhood sexual abuse, Grooming gangs, Infidelity

1 July: Our client’s family ostracised her when she reported her brother for historical childhood sexual abuse. A Nottingham Lie Detector Test healed the rift.

2 July: Two members of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang who raped children as young as 12 are fighting deportation from the UK, claiming their human rights are being infringed. We ask “did they care about the human rights of their victims?

3 July: The deceptive measures people will use in order to hide their #infidelity, never ceases to amaze us. This Guildford lie detector test case was one of them and you can access it by clicking here

Criminal justice system, Wicked stepmother, dishonest politicians

4 July: Maggie Oliver in an interview on GBNews, states that so called ‘experts’ must start to listen to real life survivors who are repeatedly traumatised and let down by our crumbling criminal justice system. The consequences of these failures destroy lives.

5 July: Our client took a Corby Lie Detector Test to prove she was telling the truth about her stepmother, when her father couldn’t be convinced.

6 July: We question how can we trust politicians who lie to their wives or husbands? Why would we follow rules set when our politicians break them with alacrity, as we saw at the G7 summit. Read our take on it here.

Nosy neighbour, Jeremy Kyle, Sarah Everard

7 July: Our clients´ lives were made miserable by a nosy neighbour who lived opposite their houses. They all took Lie Detector Tests in Rugby to resolve the issue. Click here to learn more about their case.

8 July: Jeremy Kyle´s life after his show was axed is testament to the fact that the polygraph should never be used for entertainment purposes. It is a serious investigate tool, currently used by 7 police forces in the UK.

9 July: PC Wayne Couzens, 48,  admitted to murdering Sarah Everard after kidnapping her off the street and raping her in a terrifying ordeal.

Deception in the workplace, Infidelity suspicions, Sexual abuse allegations

9 July: One of our London polygraph examiners dealt with this query for a Croydon lie detector test related to a work colleague taking credit for other colleagues’ ideas.

10 July: Our client was suspicious when her husband of 9 months began comparing her to his ex. Suspecting infidelity, she ordered a Worksop Lie Detector Test. Learn more about this case by clicking here.

11 July: A mum who had just been told “distressing” allegations that her husband had sexually abused her daughter and son, murdered her husband hours before he was due to take a lie detector test which her children paid for.  It is a great pity that she didn’t go ahead with the test.

Fantasy or reality, Colin Pitchfork release, Pulling a pig

12 July: Talented writers have creative imaginations but what would you think if your normally staid wife began writing steamy stories?  Suspicion can often lead us to believe that two plus two equals five. A Lie Detector Test can quickly confirm or negate suspicions.

13 July: Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland challenged the Parole Board’s decision last month to release Colin Pitchfork. This murderer raped and killed two schoolgirls in the 1980s. A judge led review shockingly upheld the Parole Board decision so Pitchfork will be released.

14 July: As polygraph examiners we meet a lot of obnoxious individuals in the course of our work, but this case beats them all. Our client ordered a Basildon Lie Detector Test to check out her fiancé. You can access this case study by clicking here.

UK Infidelity statistics, Corinna Smith, Covid update

16 July: Have we, as a society, decided that cheating and lying to our partners is acceptable? Looking at UK infidelity statistics, it certainly seems so. Perhaps it is time to check our moral compass.

17 July: Taking the law into your own hands is never a good idea, as Corinna Smith found when she murdered her husband by pouring boiling sugar over him, following allegations of historical sex abuse.

19 July: Our Covid update for 19 July 2021 – ‘Freedom Day’

Domestic abuse, Princess Pinnochio, Racism

21 July: When our client´s ex made her life miserable, and her situation seemed hopeless. A Lie Detector Test helped her to move forward with your life.

22 July: Ex-GMB host Piers Morgan has hinted at a return to the hit ITV breakfast show but refuses to apologise to Meghan Markle who he’s now labelled “Princess Pinnochio“.

23 July: Following a Lie Detector Test in Shrewsbury two families decided to home school their children so that they would get a more balanced view of racism. Their teenage sons had got into a fight due to one of them having misconceived ideas about racism.

Liam Hunt, Abusive relationship with government, Infidelity

24 July: It is little wonder that domestic abuse victims are disillusioned with our justice system when a monster such as this Liam Hunt only gets a 5 year prison sentence.

25 July: “We are in a version of an abusive relationship with our leaders. The trust is gone – and when trust goes it never really comes back.” Neil Oliver GBNews

25 July: This query for a Hatfield Lie Detector Test comes from a wife who believes her husband’s interests in drama go beyond his amateur dramatics group.

All or Nothing Day, Victims Commissioner Annual Report, Child abuse

26 July: If you have been telling someone lies, why not use All or Nothing Day to come clean? Or perhaps you have someone in your life that you suspect is lying to you. If so, make this day the one to uncover the truth and move forward with your life.

26 July: Work with offenders examines the first Victims’ Commissioner Annual Report to be formally laid before parliament. There is a growing acknowledgement that the needs and rights of victims of crime should be central to the design of the criminal justice system.

27 July: Yet another damning report, this time related to hundreds of children abused while in the care of Lambeth Council over decades. Shocking!

Lying twins, Grooming gang victim, Vaccine hesitancy, Jennifer Arcuri

28 July: Our client’s twin 17-year-old boys had learned to tell lies at a very early age. Their lies were senseless and often about each other. Lie Detector Tests in Bristol were ordered as a last resort to put an end to their deceit.

29 July: Social workers in Bradford turned a blind eye when a 15-year-old grooming victim took part in an Islamic marriage to one of her abusers, a damning report revealed yesterday. When will this madness end?

30 July: To be or not to be jabbed is causing almost as much division in relationships as Brexit did. Our client booked a Brighton Lie Detector Test for her boyfriend following months of Covid vaccine hesitancy.

31 July: In an interview with Mark Dolan on GBNews last night, Jennifer Arcuri said that the Boris she knew has gone. She thinks he should tell the truth to the people of the UK about what is really going on. Do you agree with her?

July 2021 News Roundup – Lie Detector Test UK

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