Jewellery Thief Identified by Bath Lie Detector Test

Sep 3, 2021

Jewellery Thief Identified by Bath Lie Detector Test

Our client ordered a Bath lie detector test for his nephew, after he failed to return some jewellery he had borrowed.

Winston’s Case

In his youth Winston was fairly well known as the ‘King of Bling’ and much of his ‘bling’ was valuable. His mother taught him that investing in gold was the best investment. When she could afford it, she would buy gold jewellery and in times of hardship pawn it. Sometimes she couldn’t redeem it but mostly she did.

Over the years, Winston had an amazing collection of heavy gold chains, watches, rings and bracelets.  As a prize winning boxer, he had never been short of money.

He had never married and had no children of his own but he loved his nephews and was generous to them. His sister had seven children so the family bloodline would prevail and she’d had enough for both of them he often joked.

Occasionally Leroy, the oldest nephew at 19, asked to borrow some of the jewellery, particularly the gold chains and rings. He was a young man trying to impress the ladies, Winston thought so why not? He was also careful to return the items.

Missing ring and chain

On Winston’s 60th birthday, Leroy and several of his friends arranged to take him out for a drink. Leroy borrowed the usual chain and ring he liked the most.  A great night was had by all but Winston got very drunk that night. Their designated driver took him home and made sure he went to bed.

Some weeks later, although Leroy had visited him, the chain and ring he had borrowed wasn’t returned. Thinking he had forgotten, Winston asked him when he was going to return the items. Leroy said he already had. He had given Winston the jewellery on the night they went out, just before he was taken home.

The designated driver that night, was a friend of Winston’s who was teetotal. He checked his car and the items weren’t in it. He didn’t remember Leroy returning the jewellery and nor did Winston.

Calling is sister, Winston asked if she would check that the items were not in her house. Perhaps Leroy had been drunk too he said and just imagined he’d given the items back. She didn’t find them but said that Leroy, who was unemployed, seemed to have a lot of new things lately. New expensive trainers and an Xbox had appeared. She was worried he might be involved in something illegal.

Bath lie detector test

Winston contacted us to book a Bath lie detector test for his nephew. He and his sister told our Somerset polygraph examiner what they wanted to know and we formulated the questions.

Leroy who had been grilled by him mother and vehemently denied stealing his uncle’s jewellery had no choice but to agree to the polygraph examination.

Predictably his test results showed deception. When Winston got the fully analysed, peer reviewed report of the Bath lie detector test results he demanded Leroy tell him the truth. If not, he would report the matter to the police.

Finally, Leroy admitted he had pawned the items and gave his uncle the ticket. Winston redeemed his jewellery and Leroy now has to run errands for his  uncle until such time as the debt is paid off.

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