Why Jeremy Piven took a False Accusation Lie Detector Test

Sep 22, 2022 | Polygraph Examiner

Taking a voluntary false accusation lie detector test when you are innocent, may seem like a strange thing to do, until you are in that situation yourself. When you are faced with nowhere to turn, whilst all you have built is crashing down. A polygraph examination is one of the few things that you can take to make a statement.

Accusers have all the power

One of the greatest things about life is that we always have options. We always have the power to turn things around and find another way. Not so when you are facing a false allegations. When someone makes a false accusation against you, they have all the power.

Whatever you do or don’t do, say or don’t say – you look guilty. And so you lose your ability to control this phase in your life. And this is why Jeremy Piven chose to release the results of his test to the press.

Why people take a false accusation lie detector test

Many clients come to Lie Detector Test UK for exactly the same reasons as Jeremy; to prove their innocence. It’s something you can do and a way to quell the comments. It stops the looks and the quiet that descends when people start to freeze you out.

The test helps restore your self-worth and your integrity providing you with proof of your innocence in black and white. For those that surround you, it is a reason to stand tall beside you.

Making an appointment to take the test, shows you are open to a process of self-examination and have nothing to hide. It’s a great way to make a statement about the situation without uttering a word.

The value of taking the test

A polygraph examiner who specialises in false accusation lie detector tests will carry out the examination. You’ll be given the opportunity to create your own questions. You can be asked specific questions that are necessary to prove you are innocent.

With results in black and white, you have something that gives you hope. A reminder to you and those around you that you do have a voice; it’s a leveller that returns you to a person with feelings again. A message to yourself and loved ones that there is another option; it shows everyone that you are not just going to disappear.

Our skilled professionals will help you get the most from your polygraph examination, no matter the reason you are taking it.

Call us today to find out how you can book a false accusation lie detector test with us. Alternatively, we have lots of other types of specialist tests, from paternity and addiction lie detector tests to pre-employment and infidelity tests and more. We have plenty of polygraph specialists waiting to help.

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