Jeremy Kyle Show Lie Detector Test vs Professional Lie Detector Test

Jul 3, 2016

Jeremy Kyle Show Lie Detector Test

Jeremy Kyle brings Lie Detection into the Limelight

The Jeremy Kyle show has certainly brought polygraph examinations into the limelight with the popularity of the show helping to raise awareness of the benefits to resolve issues in an alternative way.  We have mixed feelings about the show as in one sense it has been good to promote our services but at the same time we believe that personal matters should be resolved privately and can understand the appeal as Jeremy is very thorough in his investigation into the matters at hand and helps to resolve issues in most cases as we do.

In recent times the Lie Detector Test has arisen into the public domain much for its purpose and social media, mobile phones and stronger physical evidence through messages, e-mail and Facebook profiles have made perpetrators more susceptible to being caught. It has been noted that infidelity and relationship issues have risen but there is also substantial evidence to suggest that this has been no different from previous times only that there is more evidence to controls to support claims from partners.

We are often asked the question whether if someone is reluctant to take a test that is is an admittance of guilt? but this is not necessarily true as you can see from the TV show that it can be a daunting experience for someone who does not understand the process. If someone is very confident at taking a test this is also not an automatic sign that they are telling the truth as it could very well be that they know if they show any reluctance then this will encourage the other party to proceed. So television and having your problem under the spotlight can greatly amplify the feelings around the relationship as a whole and you should consider this also.

Lie Detector Services are used by business, certain legal matters and far more extensively across the pond in many many criminal matters. Relating back to television if you can remember back as far as the ‘Jerry Springer Show’ in its heyday in the late 90’s then you will see that the format of incorporating the lie detector into a TV show was also very successful there.  We tend to have a close connection with our American partners and all of our examiners are trained by the American Polygraph Association (APA) which is the world leading body in the field. 

Recent news has suggested the government are considering a more wide spread use of professional lie detection in particular with the rehabilitation of sex offenders and it leads further to making sure that the tests are conducted with the highest level of professionalism and procedures and discipline are maintained as releasing potential re-offenders back into the community would have severe consequences. It does however underline that the government supports and identifies the benefits of using polygraph examinations for such purposes.

We fully support the show and respect guests who wilfully chose to go on the TV show and within the society of examiners we are all very happy to see that our industry has arrived into the limelight. We would only ask that you be mindful of which matters you would like to resolve privately and which would benefit from exposure to a wider audience. All of our locations are discreet and we do not have big high street branches with signs outside as we do not wish to make our clients feel in anyway uneasy or embarrassed about tackling their problems.

This leads on to our final point of the day, that we are often asked about nervousness having an effect on the testing process. Rest assured after many years of study into the field by leading world organisations there is provision in the testing procedure to identify and null any nervousness. In a standard specific issue test there are around 15 questions of which 3 are specific to the issue and these questions are used to build a profile of the examinee and make sure that any abnormal patterns are detected before committing to the key questions.

The reports we provide after are all verified by a second examiner and include charts, scripts and conclusions which are clear to see from the trail of they were drawn. On a final note we wish the show many many years of success and appreciate the goodwill it has generated for our industry. If you are interested in finding out more about booking a lie detector test, please feel free to contact us and arrange a free consultation.

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