It’s Wednesday again for Happy Hump Day people

Oct 7, 2020

It’s Wednesday again for Happy Hump Day people

What do you know about Hump Day?  Here are some more fun facts about the all-important “hump” of the week on Wednesday.

  1. Wednesday gets its name from Woden, the most important god in the German pantheon, often identified with the Norse god Odin.
  2. The Roman God ‘Mercury’ is associated with both Odin and Woden. Notably countries with languages derived from Latin have similar words for Wednesday such as France with ‘Mercredi’ , Italy with ‘Mercoledi’ and Spain with ‘Mercioles’.
  3. The Japanese for Wednesday translates to ‘Water day’, as the planet Mercury was known as the ‘water star’.
  4. Wednesday Addams, the daughter in the Addams Family movies created by Charles Addams, got her name from Monday’s Child. This was a nursery rhyme that characterised children born on each day of the week and Wednesday’s child was “full of woe”.
  5. In the USA Wednesday is known as “hump day” because you need to get past the middle of the working week to get to the end of it.

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