Ipswich Polygraph Examiner advises on Suspected Infidelity

Jan 9, 2020

Lots of enquiries have come in over the festive period about infidelity lie detector tests.  Here is one that our Ipswich Polygraph Examiner dealt with and it is by no means unusual.

Q: Will a lie detector test be able to find out if my sister’s boyfriend is cheating on her?

I’m worried about my sister’s boyfriend, Charlie. We had a New Year’s Eve party and he disappeared for two hours. Chloe says he had two parties to go to and as the other one was a works do, she wasn’t allowed to attend. Charlie has always been a bit sleazy and after their two children were born he’s never at home. I think he may be cheating on her but she says no.

I thought I saw him with another woman in a bar last weekend. When I asked Chloe about it she said he was at work. When I asked Charlie about it he backed up this story but I’m confident it was him. My sister is very much in love with him and I know she’d be devastated, but if he is cheating she needs to know.

I’ve never particularly liked him but my sister deserves better. I think I could get him to take a lie detector test because he wouldn’t want to lose his children. Chloe would dump him I’m sure if he’s cheated.

Would it be possible to book a test in another town?  I think my sister would be really embarrassed if anyone found out he’d had a lie detector test and I assume it says this on the outside of the your offices. Will your staff walk us through the process? Chloe has always been quite an emotional person and before I think about booking this test I want to be confident she’d be looked after when she accompanied him.

I. W., Ipswich

Response from our Ipswich Polygraph Examiner

To directly answer your question regarding the lie detector test, yes it will identify whether or not your sister’s boyfriend is cheating or not.

However, it’s not really a good idea for her to accompany him on the test date.  Subjects need to be completely relaxed and Chloe being there might cause undue stress.

In terms of our offices, we do not have glaring signs on them. So you don’t need to worry about Charlie being seen.  Nevertheless if you’d like to book a test online there are many East Anglia office locations to choose from where I can administer it.

For more information and to discuss the case further, please call 0800 368 8277 and tell our customer service representative that the Ipswich Polygraph Examiner has suggested you call. Any questions you or your sister may have can be answered then.

Please be aware that your call will be confidential.  We will never disclose information about your case to anyone without your permission.

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