Banks always warn us not to be careless with our pin numbers and passwords. Our client learned that sometimes you can’t even trust family members when she booked two Ipswich lie detector tests.

Amelia’s Case

Amelia had been saving for what seemed like an eternity. She wanted to visit her elderly grandmother in Australia. The flights and transfers would cost just under £1000 and after her next pay check, she would be able to get online and book the flights. She’d saved the money in her savings account, just to be on the safe side. She was going to book the flights with her credit card for security and was then going to transfer the money and pay the purchase straight off. Amelia always did that, she didn’t like to be in debt to anyone and always paid what she owed on her card at the end of the month in full.

Holiday of a lifetime

Having organised her eVisitor Visa Amelia was excited when she bought her tickets. Her mother had said her grandmother wasn’t doing so well and this might be the last opportunity she had to see her. Greta had moved to Australia at 65 to retire and had lived a full and happy life. That was 20 years ago and now at 85 Greta was beginning to get frail.

Amelia logged into her savings account a few days later. She wanted to ensure the credit card was paid off before she went. She was surprised to find she only had £700 in there. Checking the transactions, she could see she paid £1000 in but there were 3 withdrawals from a cash machine over the last month. Amelia didn’t understand, she hadn’t taken the money out, so who had?

Ipswich lie detector tests

Not being great at remembering her pin numbers and bank passwords, Amelia wrote them down in her diary. She always kept the diary in her handbag, along with her purse which contained her cards. Her handbag was always with her so how could the money have been stolen?

Brian, her brother, lived with her and Nadia, her sister, visited often. Talking to each of them separately, she asked if they’d taken it. They both denied it and so after talking to her parents, they decided to contact us for two Ipswich lie detector tests. In Amelia’s opinion it wasn’t fair to ask one of her siblings to take a test without the other taking one too.

Who did it?

Over Sunday lunch at her parents’ house, they discussed the polygraph tests.  Amelia explained that before reporting the matter to the police she wanted to save her siblings from the embarrassment of an investigation. Brian and Nadia said they would happily attend which made Amelia feel guilty about booking the tests. Why would they both be happy to take the test if they had taken the money?

The day after Amelia received the results of the Ipswich lie detector tests her siblings had taken. She arranged to meet both of them in a local pub with her parents. Amelia was devastated to learn that her brother had taken the money but her sister also knew he’d done it. Their willingness to take the tests was bravado in front of their parents. Nadia has felt particularly confident since she hadn’t actually stolen the money. What she hadn’t appreciated was that she would be asked if she knew who stole it.

She told Brian he could no longer live with her and several weeks later she hasn’t spoken to either of her siblings.

Realising that she shouldn’t have left her banking information in her diary Amelia has found a more secure way of storing it.

Polygraph services in East Anglia

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