International Women’s Day 2021

Mar 8, 2021

International Women’s Day 2021

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”.

However, we would like to pay our own tribute to some of the women who have entered our lives during the pandemic. Each one of them has shown tremendous courage or presence of mind in using lie detector tests to resolve their issues. In all cases they improved their situations and moved forward with their lives in a way that enhanced their confidence and wellbeing.

Claire’s Case

The best friend of Claire’s boyfriend, Mark, stirred up a hornet’s nest in an attempt to break up their relationship.  In collusion with another friend, Steve, they made Mark believe that Claire had made a pass at Steve. Despite Claire’s denial, Mark didn’t believe her so she took an East London lie detector test in an attempt to save their relationship.  They are now a very happy couple and planning to get married when the pandemic is over.  You can read Claire’s case study here

Bonnie’s Case

Our Newbury polygraph examiner was sent on a mission to test Bonnie’s husband, Damon.  Bonnie was left at home in Scotland with a new baby during the first Covid-19 lockdown.  Damon, an insurance agent, told her that his company needed him to stay in London.  Confused, Bonnie didn’t understand why he couldn’t work from home.

Suspicion grew in her mind that she wasn’t being told the truth.  Damon agreed with some reluctance to take a lie detector test in Newbury where his office was. It transpired he wasn’t working at all and was having an affair with another woman.  Bonnie is in the process of divorce and although hurt, she’s happy planning a future for her and her child.  Check out Bonnie’s case study here

Gail and Vanessa’s Case

When mothers and daughters get together to resolve problems it’s often a formidable effort.  Vanessa had been in denial about her partner Darren’s serial cheating for around 6 years.  Whenever rumours reared their ugly heads Darren always denied infidelity and had plausible excuses.

During lockdown Vanessa noticed Darren was more furtive when using his laptop and he’d changed the password on his social media accounts.  Suspicion got the better of her when his behaviour became unbearable. Gail, Vanessa’s mother, offered to pay for a lie detector test in Stafford to get the truth.  Darren failed the test questions miserably and Vanessa kicked him out.  A year on, she’s dating someone else who thinks the world of her.  The full details of the case can be accessed here

Diana’s Case

Diana married her Spanish club owner husband in London and not long after they moved to Spain. After having two sons and looking after the home while her husband went out to work she missed the life she’d had as a dancer. Rural Spanish life on a farm would have been bearable if she saw her husband once in a while.  But Javier was either working or socialising with his mates.

When Diana learned that Javier was visiting brothels she was disgusted.  She took the opportunity of accompanying him on a business trip to London and booked an airport lie detector test.  She learned that not only had Javier been unfaithful to her but he felt she should accept his behaviour.  He told her it was perfectly normal for Spanish men to take lovers.  Not in Diana’s world it wasn’t! She remained in the UK, started divorce proceedings and is now rebuilding her life.  Read about her case here.

Anika’s Case

After raising four children, Anika decided she’d like to go back to work.  Unfortunately she lacked qualifications and experience so it wasn’t easy to find a job. Her husband, Jeff, wasn’t keen on idea especially since they didn’t need the money.  But in a chance meeting at a stag night Jeff learned about a job that was available at a local pub.  There was only cleaning work available while the pub was getting ready to reopen after lockdown but Anika jumped at the chance.

Because the pub was closed and Anika seemed to be working a lot of hours, Jeff became suspicious. He accused her of doing more than cleaning.  Several arguments later, Anika decided to book a lie detector test in Portsmouth.  She sat the test and then gave the results to her husband.  You can find out how that turned out by clicking here

If you’d like to read more of our case studies you’ll find lots of them on our blog. They are not only infidelity issues but encompass theft, fraud, domestic abuse, historical sexual abuse and much more.

Transgender issues

Women have for centuries fought to play an equal role in society.  In the western world we have achieved phenomenal success in that goal.

There is growing concern among biological women that the Trans Lobby seeks to diminish our sexuality by referring to us as “people who bleed” and “pregnant persons”.  It is our belief that transgender women are transgender women and biological women are women. We’d like to give a big shout out, on this International Women’s Day, to all the campaigners who value the preservation of ‘sex as a protected characteristic’.

Attempts to include transgender women in Women’s Sports will, in our opinion, set women’s rights back at least 50 years.  Many sports have historically been dominated by men and it has taken a long time for women to keep Women’s Sports their own.  Purity in Women’s Sports has been achieved sometimes with testosterone testing. However, if the Trans Lobby gets its way women will be forced to compete with transgender women who often have unfair, enhanced physical advantages.

We fail to understand why we must deny the reality of biological sex in order to protect transgender people.  It makes no sense.

International Women’s Day

At Lie Detector Test UK we have a female Managing Director, Media Manager and Customer Care Manager.  There is no problem with leadership in our organisation. We have diverse polygraph examiners, both male and female.  We work as a team perfectly and we support each other.

On International Men’s Day which falls on 19 November this year we will write about the men in our organisation. So don’t worry guys we haven’t forgotten you. But today, women around the world we salute you.

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