Infidelity with Aunt exposed by Loughborough Lie Detector Test

Seeing his father out with his aunt one day, our client noticed they were holding hands. He never imagined the matter would lead to him taking a Loughborough lie detector test.

Dan’s Case

Out cycling one day, Dan spotted his father, Malcolm, holding hands with his mother’s sister, June. At 22, Dan realised that there could be a reasonable explanation for this but on further reflection struggled to understand what that might be. They looked more like lovers than in-laws.

From that point on, Dan was determined to get to the bottom of it and turned private investigator extraordinaire. If his father was cheating on his mother he wanted to know.


Dan began to follow his Dad. Whenever he went out, outside of the hours of work, Dan would borrow his mother’s car and follow him.

He kept a log of what he discovered.  This included his father visiting Aunt June’s house for several hours while Uncle Joe was not in. His father had told his mother he was going to the local pub for a drink with the lads.

One weekend when Malcolm was supposed to be on a business conference, Aunt June arrived at the hotel he was staying at.

Over several months Dan had enough evidence to present the case to Hazel, his mother.


Astonishingly, despite the raft of photos and evidence Hazel turned on Dan and asked him why he was trying to cause trouble.  He was a graphic designer and obviously had ‘doctored’ the photos.

She spoke to her sister who denied that any of the events Dan had documented had occurred. Malcolm merely laughed and said it must obviously be a wind up.

Dan couldn’t believe that everyone concerned was blatantly lying, yet they were calling him dishonest.

Loughborough lie detector test

Frustrated and annoyed, Dan booked a lie detector test in Loughborough. He explained everything that had happened to our East Midlands polygraph examiner. Questions were formulated based on the information that Dan gave to obtain the answers that were needed.

Dan’s polygraph results showed no deception at all. He had seen everything that he had logged and in no way photo shopped the photographs.


Handing the Loughborough lie detector test results to his mother, she burst into tears. Deep down she had known that Dan was telling the truth but felt some comfort in the denials from her sister and husband.  She couldn’t face the betrayal from two people she loved so much.

Having been married to Malcolm for over 25 years, she didn’t know what she would do without him. It was too late for her to start again, she said.

Dan learned that sometimes people don’t want to know the truth, even when it is presented in black and white. But at least Dan proved he wasn’t a liar.

His mother is prepared to overlook the affair in order not to lose her man and her status. Dan did think about sending his polygraph results to Aunt June’s husband but decided not to. Perhaps he already knew and also was prepared to let the affair run its course.