How one couple overcame years of infidelity with a simple lie detector test

Sep 2, 2022 | Case Study, Private Lie Detector Test, Relationship

Afraid of throwing away what had been a great relationship, terrified of making a decision that she would later regret, Emma had stayed in the relationship , even though she knew that things were not right.

Unable to bear the constant feeling that she was being lied to, tired of not knowing what to believe, Emma was lying to her friends and family. She was beginning to feel like she was on the verge of a breakdown.

Desperate to do something, Emma decided to book a lie detector test for herself and her partner, Paul. Read on to find out how the test led Emma and Paul to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Emma’s life was pretty much on hold when she arranged the lie detector test with us here at With only a sense that her partner was lying to her, the lines between fact and fiction had started to blur for Emma.

Without any concrete evidence, Emma felt like she couldn’t talk to her friends or family about her suspicions, she just sounded insecure and negative. After being together for so long, it also sounded really stupid to say out loud.

Paul was still his usual loving self, in fact he had been really good. However, her instincts were still telling her that something was going on.

Emma had been going round in circles about what to for the best for months, and she still couldn’t make a decision., Paul was giving nothing away, and half of her felt like she must be imagining it.

Really all Emma wanted to do was ignore her feelings and carry on as before. She had no idea that taking the polygraph would produce the results that it did.

Emma didn’t know when it had started, but she did know that Paul was lying. Struggling to make sense of what was happening to her relationship and self esteem, it had reached a point where she had to know the truth on way or another.

Six months ago, her world had come crashing down when a good friend confessed that they had seen her partner Paul out with another woman during the week.

When Emma confronted him that night, he just said it was a friend from work, nothing to worry about and changed the subject.

Emma had really wanted to believe him, Paul worked long hours, so it was hard to tell what he was up to during the day. She had actually decided to follow him a couple of times, but it always felt too pathetic.

Actually making the phone call to organise the test was the hardest part. Emma was really relieved to talk to the person on the other end of the phone, who was warm and really sympathetic.

Telling Paul on the other hand was a huge relief, for them both, as it turned out.

After Paul had taken his test, he pulled Emma aside and asked if they could talk. Sitting in the car, Paul ended up telling Emma everything- he didn’t want her to hear it from someone else.

It turned out that it was even worse than Emma had thought.

Paul had actually been cheating on her for years. Paul had thought that he would bluff his way through the test, but he had found it cathartic to tell someone the truth about his cheating for once.

Knowing that he was about to lose Emma, he had wanted to tell her the truth himself. Saying it loud had made him see that he needed to get some help, he was addicted to sex.

Deep down Emma felt relief and compassion that Paul had told her himself, but her initial feelings were disappointment, disgust and betrayal. Emma moved out that day and in with her mum.

Although it was bad news, it also marked the beginning of a new chapter for the couple.

Paul started therapy for sex addiction and after six months, Emma and Paul got back together. .

Paul still sees a therapist and the pair attended couples counselling together when they rekindled their relationship. Today, Emma and Paul are still together and have an honest, open and strong relationship.

If you are worried about infidelity or dishonesty in a relationship, a lie detector test can provide a quick and easy way to put an end to the lies once and for all.

Alternatively, if you are experiencing dishonesty around paternity, recruitment, insurance claims, fraud or theft, Our experienced and qualified staff, work with empathy and care to help you resolve any issue. Speak to one of our friendly team today.

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