Infidelity Suspicions confirmed by Gillingham Lie Detector Test

Last week we addressed a query related to infidelity suspicions on our blog. Our polygraph examiner´s advice led to a Gillingham lie detector test being booked.

Daniela´s case

When Daniela was driving home from work one day, she spotted her husband, Lucas, in his car with another woman.  She thought it odd because normally he would be at work at that time of the day. When she asked him about it, he denied it was him and she let the matter pass.

However, it played on her mind because despite his denial she was certain it was him. For the first time in her eight-year marriage she began checking up on Lucas. Leaving no stone unturned she searched through his pockets, bedroom and study drawers, credit card and bank statements. Finding nothing suspicious, she studies everything on his laptop and went through his phone while he was in the shower. She drew a zero, yet she couldn´t stop thinking about it.

One day she took the day off work, borrowed a friend´s car and followed Lucas to work.  She spent hours watching and waiting for him to leave his office. That day he left work earlier than usual, but she lost him in traffic having tailed him for a while.

When he got home, she asked him what sort of day he´d had but he didn´t mention anything out of the ordinary, including leaving work early.

Sixth sense

Nothing much had changed in Lucas´s behaviour so Daniela felt she was being paranoid. But something kept niggling away at the back of her mind that all was not as it should be. Her mother called it the “sixth sense”.

Looking online for help she came across Lie Detector Test UK and decided to anonymously write to us. Our Gillingham polygraph examiner, gave her some advice about infidelity suspicions on our blog which you can access by clicking here. As a result, she called our free helpline ( 07572 748364)and ultimately booked a lie detector test online for her husband.

Lie detector test in Gillingham

During the pre-test interview our polygraph examiner explained to Lucas that he would be asked questions related to the infidelity suspicions Daniela had. He told our examiner that he´d only agreed to take the test to “get her off his back”. He hadn´t been unfaithful to her he said, and her paranoia was “driving him insane”.

Unfortunately for him, the polygraph results showed deception. When told that he had failed on all questions put to him, he finally admitted that he´d been having a casual relationship with someone at work.  It didn´t mean anything, he said and because it was just a “friends with benefits” situation he thought he could pass the test.


Daniela has arranged relationship counselling on the basis that Lucas has promised to stop his clandestine activities.  It´s going to take a lot to restore trust and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavours.

Infidelity suspicions

When you suspect your partner is cheating on you it´s difficult to shake those suspicions without closure. With a lie detector test they can be confirmed or negated quickly.

Infidelity comes in many forms. It can be online with no sexual contact, emotional or physical. The fact that the cheater considers it meaningless doesn´t minimise the devastation a partner feels. And meaningless or not, the polygraph will detect deception wherever it exists.