One of the best ways to wreck a relationship is to allow infidelity suspicions to fester.  Our client booked an Aberdeen lie detector test in the hope they would be dispelled.

Liam and Shannon’s Case

Liam and Shannon had been dating for a while, they’d just had a baby and he thought it was the perfect time to ask her to marry him. He’d discussed the proposal with his parents and they thought it was a fantastic idea. The only issue was that they were arguing a lot recently, Liam didn’t know if it was baby blues or something else.

Bad Reputation

Shannon had been a bit promiscuous when they’d met and she’d blamed it on the breakdown of her marriage. Her previous husband was a bit of a womaniser and he’d cheated on her over and over again. At least, this is what she’d told Liam. He hadn’t known her ex as she’d moved to their town after the split but from what Shannon said, he wasn’t a very nice person. When Shannon had moved, she’d “sowed her wild oats” as her friends liked to put it.

Brotherly advice

Liam wanted to ask his brother to be his best man if Shannon accepted his proposal and so invited him out for a drink to discuss it. Barry said he’d heard rumours about Shannon sleeping around and he didn’t think it was a good idea. They had a few drinks and then a few more before Barry suggested Liam book an Aberdeen lie detector test in. Feeling a little worse for wear, they both laughed at how Shannon would react to being asked to take one.

Infidelity suspicions

Liam spoke to Shannon the following day about the rumours Barry had heard. This was nothing new to Shannon as they argued about her fidelity constantly. Liam couldn’t seem to accept her past and she’d had enough of his constant infidelity suspicions.  She asked him what she could do to convince him she loved him and would never cheat. Not expecting her to agree, he suggested the Aberdeen lie detector test. It was a joke to try to get the argument resolved but to his surprise, Shannon agreed.

Aberdeen lie detector test

Shannon took the polygraph test the following week. She was happy with Liam and thought she’d finally found her soul mate. Shannon had even discussed asking him to marry her this year; it was a leap year after all.

The results of the lie detector test were waiting for Shannon when she got home.  She and Liam opened them together and they proved she’d never cheated. The arguments had just been a case of them both being so tired and the pressures of being a new mother. That evening Liam proposed and produced the most beautiful ring Shannon had ever seen. Shannon said “yes” and they’re due to be married in spring of 2021.

Polygraph Services Scotland

If you have infidelity suspicions anywhere in Scotland a lie detector test can help you move forward.  Our polygraph examiners can be found in most main towns and cities throughout the UK.  Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 to discuss any dishonesty issues.

We also have a secure booking system for lie detector tests online if you have already made up your mind that is the route you wish to take.