Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Surrey reveals Cheating Wife

When his wife became pregnant, our client was initially thrilled until he realised that the dates didn’t add up. He ordered an Infidelity lie detector test in Surrey to clear up any doubt.

Jacob’s Case

As a financial consultant in the City Jacob, and his wife Felicity, lived in the stockbroker belt in Surrey. They had a good life but in order to achieve it Jacob was away from home frequently.

Felicity normally spent her time attending coffee mornings, charity events and taking care of the house. Unfortunately for her during the past year Covid restrictions had eliminated her coffee mornings and practically wiped out any charity activities.  She was bored as the only human contact she got was when the gardener arrived.

With no children after 7 years of marriage, when Felicity told Jacob she was pregnant, he was over the moon. However, when she told him her due date doubt crept into his mind.  He worked out her window of conception on the internet and after checking his diary, he realised he’d been away for the whole of that month.

Felicity said that due dates weren’t cast in stone and went off in a strop when he accused her of infidelity.


Jacob eventually came to terms with the fact that mistakes with due dates can be made. But no matter how he tried suspicions of infidelity dominated his thoughts when he was away working.

The only person he felt his wife could be having an extra marital affair with was Bob, the gardener. Yet Bob was so much older than Felicity and she was such a snob that he couldn’t imagine it was him. Unless perhaps she wanted a ‘bit of rough’ as some women are prone to he’d read.

Whenever he was at home, he tried not to argue since the last thing an unborn child needed was stress.  It didn’t seem to worry Felicity because she became furious if he tried to broach the subject. He wanted a civilised conversation about his doubts but it seemed impossible.

Infidelity lie detector test in Surrey

When their son, Julian, was born he didn’t really look like either of them. 3 months later, he still didn’t. Jacob considered a DNA test but wasn’t sure he was ready to accept the result.

Instead he felt a polygraph examination was more appropriate. If his wife was being deceptive then he might go the extra mile and insist on the DNA test.

His brother and Felicity’s sister were part of their bubble and one day came over for lunch. Felicity wasted no time in telling them how dreadful Jacob was behaving.  Accusing her of having an affair all the time and suggesting the baby wasn’t his was driving her mad, she said. “Who could she possibly be seeing with all these restrictions?” she asked.

It was Jacob’s brother who said that maybe a lie detector test would resolve the problem. Felicity would have lost face if she refused.  After all if she had nothing to hide it wouldn’t be a problem would it? So she agreed adding that when she was found to be innocent of any deception she would want something expensive to compensate her.  Jacob agreed to buy her the new BMW sports car she had been after.

Results and consequences

One of our Home Counties polygraph examiners conducted the infidelity lie detector test in Surrey. The results showed deception.  Felicity insisted that there must be some mistake.  She continues to deny that she has been or is having an affair.

Jacob has now ordered a DNA test and will keep us updated as to the result of it.