Ask a Polygraph Examiner – Infidelity in Wolverhampton over the Easter Holiday

Apr 17, 2019 | Case Study, Relationship, Wolverhampton

One of our readers read an article about infidelity in Wolverhampton and became suspicious that her husband might be cheating.  She asked our polygraph examiner if she was being paranoid.

Infidelity in Wolverhampton – am I being paranoid?

I have been married to my husband for over 12 years, happily as far as I am concerned. He has always worked hard and provided for me and my children very well. We want for nothing.  But lately his behaviour has changed. I read an article from a dating site for married people and it said that infidelity in Wolverhampton is quite high.  Apparently they’ve got over 6,000 members of this site in our area.  I wonder whether my husband might me one of them.

I might be paranoid but over the past few months he has put a password on his spare laptop.  He never had one before. I only found this out because I wanted to access our electricity bills to check on our average consumption. Our latest bill seemed quite high.  My own laptop was in for repair. When I asked him for the password he was evasive about it.  He said he would check the bills.

Having arranged a family lunch for Easter Sunday some time ago, he now tells me he can’t make it because he has to work.  He has never worked over holidays.  It’s the time we have always set aside for family.

In recent months he has spent one night a week away from home overnight.  In the past he has gone to conferences and stayed in hotels but not with this regularity.  It’s not always the same night but I actually don’t think he is working.  I say this because he puts all his expenses on his credit card and reclaims them at the end of each month.  There are no claims for hotel accommodation that I can see for the nights he has been away.

I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t read the article about infidelity in Wolverhampton. I mentioned my concerns to my sister and she says I am being paranoid.  She likes my husband a lot as do most of my family. Am I being paranoid?

P.D., Wolverhampton

Polygraph examiner’s response

You are not necessarily being paranoid – you are suspicious. You don’t say whether you were suspicious before you read the article about infidelity in Wolverhampton but we guess you might have been. Perhaps the article brought suppressed suspicion to the fore.

Our calls go up considerably when these married people’s dating sites publish their ‘Infidelity Index’ data. In almost all cases, there has already been something that made spouses think their partners were cheating. Often they were but sometimes they weren’t.

For those having affairs over Easter and other holiday periods it’s difficult.  The lover wants time with them and so does the family. The most common excuse is that the cheater has to work during the holidays. It is also true that some people are really working, maybe to clear a backlog or perhaps they are aiming for a promotion.

Our advice

The first thing you should do is ask your husband if he is having an affair. When he answers you may or may not know whether he is being truthful.  You should explain why you are suspicious.

You could also ask what is so important that he must cancel the Easter Sunday lunch. Ask him whether you can help in some way so that he can make it.

If you still believe he is cheating, you can suggest he takes a lie detector test in Wolverhampton.  His response to that, if wholly negative, may not be because he is guilty. It may be that he doesn’t understand how important it is for you to believe him.

The best way to persuade him to take the test is for you tell him how the suspicion is affecting you. Let him know if it is causing you to have sleepless nights.  Tell him how stressed you feel about it.

Infidelity in Wolverhampton

Bear in mind that the population of Wolverhampton is over 210,000. The Infidelity in Wolverhampton article states that around 6,000 are members of the site. That isn’t a very high percentage. However, any concerns you may have can be dispelled with a polygraph test.

Polygraph tests we conduct for infidelity don’t always end marriages, even if infidelity is proven. Couples seek counselling and move on with their lives.

Quite often a cheating partner will agree to take a test because they haven’t been able to find a way or an appropriate time to confess. The test is conducted in a neutral environment with a polygraph examiner who is completely non-judgemental and unbiased.

If you feel this is the route you would like to take, you can book a lie detector test for infidelity in Wolverhampton online. Our reservation system is secure and your details will be confidential. Alternatively you may wish to discuss the matter further, in which case please call our free helpline on 0800 861 1058.

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