Infidelity allegations confirmed by Kidderminster Lie Detector Tests

Our clients ordered two Kidderminster lie detector tests after the husband admitted to a one night stand. If his wife insisted he take a test then he wanted her to take one too.

John and Sandra’s Case

When John cheated on Sandra her world collapsed.  They’d been married over 8 years at the time. What made it worse was that he’d spent month gaslighting her, accusing her of cheating on him. She never had.

Life had been pretty awful after that. He’d apologised and told her that it was a one night stand and it would never happen again.  But for her, the trust had gone and she spent most of her time searching through his pockets, phone and laptop for signs of further infidelity. If he was late home she would be sitting in the seat of judgement as he walked through the door.

They argued incessantly and the pandemic hadn’t made things any better.  Being together practically 24/7, the slightest thing would cause a row. Sandra’s only respite was when she went out to take the dog for a walk or went to the supermarket.

Festering inside her were the months of false allegations she’d endured from him, when it was he who had been unfaithful. At 40 she was still a very attractive woman and she’d had opportunities to play away.  The most recent was a proposition from Neil, a guy she’d met in the local park while walking her dog.  That was almost a year ago.

One off fling

Neil was much younger than her and told her he was an artist.  He’d invited her for a coffee at his house and she’d gone.  She knew it was breaking lockdown rules but she didn’t care. The paintings Neil created were surreal and not to her taste at all but he was clearly successful. His house was in a wealthy part of the town and the trappings of wealth very visible in his furnishings and all that he owned.  After the fourth visit to his house, Neil tried to kiss her and she’d rejected him but they remained friends.

The young artist was a good listener and particularly so when Sandra told him about her husband’s infidelity.  One thing led to another and she’d ended up in bed with him.  She didn’t find him particularly physically attractive and if she was honest, she’d done it as an act of revenge. It was a one off, never to be repeated.

As lockdown eased, Sandra began to suspect John was having an affair.  He’d changed the passwords on his phone and laptop. When he went back to work he was often late home and said that there was a lot of catching up to do.  This made no sense since he’d been working from home for months, so what was there to catch up on?

Kidderminster lie detector tests

Marriage meant a lot to Sandra and she wasn’t prepared to stay in one with a partner who couldn’t keep it in his pants. She told John that she wanted him to take a lie detector test in Kidderminster if their marriage was to be saved.

He was all for it provided she booked two Kidderminster lie detector tests, one for him and the other for her. Sandra realised that her own little dalliance would emerge but agreed.  If they were going to save their marriage they both needed to be honest.

In the pre-test interview Sandra confessed to her own infidelity and the reasons behind it.  John told our West Midlands polygraph examiner about the one night stand he’d had.

Results and conclusion

John’s polygraph test results revealed deception. He’d had multiple sexual encounters throughout the marriage.

Sandra’s showed no deception but of course, it was the first John had heard about her infidelity with the artist.

As a result of the Kidderminster lie detector tests they’d taken, both John and Sandra are considering relationship counselling. John has moved in with his sister, outraged by Sandra’s infidelity. It seems that he believes what is good for the goose, isn’t for the gander!

Revenge sex is never a good idea. It resolves nothing and will often made a relationship worse, no matter how it is justified by the aggrieved partner.