Infidelity Accusations lead to Kensington Lie Detector Test

When our client became friendly with some new neighbours his wife became obsessed with the notion he was having an affair.  He booked a Kensington lie detector test to prove his innocence.

Nicholas’s Case

When a new couple moved in down the road, Nicholas and his wife, Karen, went over and introduced themselves.  They’d lived in Kensington for years and always felt it was a good idea to welcome new neighbours. Central London, whilst being a vibrant place, can be a lonely if you don’t know anyone.

The two couples became very friendly with Nicholas helping them out with a few DIY jobs around the house.

House warming party

A few weeks later Gerry and Sarah has their housewarming party and invited Nicholas and Karen to the celebration, among many other neighbours in their street.

Nicholas was out in the garden chatting to Sarah about her glorious plants when Karen walked over to them and started an argument.  It was really embarrassing, as she accused them of having an affair in front of all the guests.  Karen had certainly had a few drinks that evening and Nicholas apologised, made excuses for her and left humiliated as quickly as possible.

When they got home, Karen passed out so there was no discussion that night.  However, the following morning there was an almighty row.  Quite apart from the fact that Sarah was young enough to be his daughter, Nicholas was appalled that she had brought up her suspicions publicly.

They’d been married for 32 years and she was the mother of his three children.  How could she imagine that he would cheat on her?

Life became incredibly awkward after that party.  He would walk to the local newsagent and if any of the party guests were in the shop, he could see them whispering to each other.  He could imagine the salacious gossip that was circulating.

Kensington lie detector test

Nicholas contacted us for a polygraph examination which we conducted at his home, while his wife was at work.

The results proved he had not been having an affair with Sarah or anyone else for that matter.  He had never cheated on Karen with anyone since they had been engaged, let alone married.  Nor had he had sexual contact or passionately kissed anyone else.

Our Central London polygraph examiner told him that he had proven his innocence but Nicholas kept it to himself, preferring to wait for the fully analysed results report.  He received it within 24 hours.

Repairing the marriage

Sitting down with Karen, he passed her the report.  She burst into tears and apologised for her behaviour. Her suspicions had arisen due to Sarah being so much younger and attractive than she was.  When Nicholas helped with the DIY jobs around their house, she imagined all sorts of things were going on.  Nicholas was one of those men who looked distinguished as he’d aged.  She conversely looked old in her opinion.

Nicholas reassured her that to him, she was still the same young girl he had married. He knew from the moment he met her that he wanted to grow old with her.

Karen rang Sarah and apologised profusely.  She put it down to having far too much to drink and a moment of madness.  Not that this was an excuse since she’d acted appallingly.  Sarah forgave her and now the two women are the best of friends.  And the neighbours have stopped gossiping.

Central London lie detector tests

If you need to prove your innocence when falsely accused of infidelity, a lie detector test is a quick way of doing it.  Our sensitive, confidential polygraph examiners will visit your home to administer a test, or you can visit our offices.

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