Hull Lie Detector Test confirms Boyfriend’s Loneliness

The behaviour of his partner, when our client was working away, caused him to book a Hull lie detector test. The results were not what he expected.

Stephan’s Case

As a successful cruise ship entertainer, Stephan often spent several months away from home. His partner Giorgio didn’t work because Stephan preferred him not to. He earned more than enough money for both of them.

Giorgio came from a poor Italian background and his parents had not been pleased when he came out as gay. Stephan had met him when the cruise ship he was working on had docked in Italy. After a whirlwind romance Stephan paid for Giorgio’s passage back to the UK.

At first Stephan had been worried about the age gap. He was 10 years older than his Latin lover but they shared many of the same interests. They loved the opera, fine dining and just chilling in each other’s company.

Lack of communication

The couple had been together for over a year when suddenly communication became difficult. It was never easy communicating from a ship but Giorgio always had Stephan’s schedule. During their first year together, when Stephan docked he called and the pair would chat for hours on WhatsApp.

However, recently Stephan would find Giorgio’s phone engaged. When he left messages they weren’t immediately responded to. Giorgio had lots of excuses when he finally did get in touch. Either he had been on the phone to family members due to a crisis or he hadn’t realised his phone battery was flat.

Frosty homecoming

When Stephan came home from a particularly arduous trip, Giorgio seemed cold and distant but insisted nothing was wrong. He had been studying online and was tired, he said.

While Giorgio was in the shower one evening, Stephano looked through his phone. He found a naked picture that Giorgio had sent to him but also to another man. Storming into the bathroom he demanded to know who this other man was.

Giorgio said he had sent the photo in error and had been embarrassed because he’d sent it to his brother-in-law. To some extent that pacified Stephan but he had also read various messages sent to several men with whom Giorgio was having long conversations.

When confronted with these Giorgio became angry and asked what Stephan expected him to do while he was away for months.  He was bored so he did a little flirting online, what was the problem?

Hull lie detector test

All sorts of thoughts passed through Stephan’s mind. He imagined his lover entertaining other men in their home and couldn’t shake the belief that he was cheating on him.

He ordered a lie detector test in Hull, determined to establish the truth before he went away again. Giorgio told him he was being paranoid but agreed to take the test.

In the pre-test interview Giorgio told our Hull polygraph examiner that he was lonely when Stephan was away. He had no friends in Hull, the weather was miserable in comparison to his homeland and the pandemic stopped him going out in any event. He had a little fun online but that was all.

The Hull lie detector test results showed no deception and he had sent the naked photo in error.


Stephan is trying to get a job as a waiter for Giorgio, on the cruise ship he mainly works for. It’s not ideal but at least they can be together more often.