A worried friend wrote to us recently asking if a lie detector test might help with a suspected drug addiction problem.

Q: I believe my best friend is in denial about her drug use. Will a lie detector test help?

I’m writing to you as I’m worried my best friend is in trouble. Jayne and I loved to go out to clubs and parties and previously we’ve dabbled with recreational drugs, such as taking an ecstasy or smoking the odd joint. I’m concerned as I think Jayne may have tried something a lot stronger.

Our partying days are pretty non-existent since I gave birth to my daughter 8 months ago. I have been out on the odd night but it’s always ended in a row as I’m not the party animal I used to be. My priorities have changed and I now know how dangerous what we used to do is. I’ve tried to get Jayne to understand and stop herself but she just accuses me of being boring now I’m a mum.

The reason for my email is that I’ve heard rumours Jayne has been seen hanging around with people who take heroin. I’ve asked her about it and she denies it. Her appearance has changed a lot. She looks dirty and appears to be losing weight at an astonishing rate. I’m wondering if a lie detector test could help me find out if she’s ok. I know she’d take it as our parents are friends and I think if I said I’d tell them, she would worry. I know how addictive that stuff can be and if she is taking it, she needs help sooner rather than later.

C. W., Huddersfield

Response from Huddersfield Polygraph Examiner

Taking ecstasy and cannabis often moves on to taking more serious drugs. When people first realise they are addicted they don’t like to admit it to themselves, let alone anyone else.

Your friend may not be addicted yet but could rapidly become so if she is dabbling with heroin. A lie detector test can establish what she is taking and whether she is addicted or not.

If you can convince her to take a test, we will happily administer it. However, you might find it more difficult than you imagine getting her to agree.

Call our free helpline on 07572 748364 if you have any trouble persuading her.  Our customer service team can give you some hints and tips as well as more information. Let them know you have received some advice from the Huddersfield Polygraph Examiner.

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