How will the Lies we tell our Children at Christmas change this Year?

Our West Midlands Polygraph Examiner takes a look at how the lies we tell our children at Christmas will change this year and why.

Dishonesty is generally unacceptable but the traditional lie about the existence of Father Christmas and his elves is told every year. It brings some magic to the festive season. Quite often kids learn at a very early age that Father Christmas isn’t real but they’ll play along with the game just in case he doesn’t deliver the gifts!

Many of us love to see Santa with his white beard and red suit sitting in his grotto. His elves and reindeer have inspired the imagination of children for centuries.  Despite the odd killjoy saying it’s not right to lie to kids, we think it’s acceptable to encourage their creativity and imagination.

However, how will the lies we tell our children at Christmas be affected by the Covid-19 restrictions?

Economic effect of lockdowns

Since the pandemic began many businesses didn’t survive the first lockdown. Those that did may have to close because of the second.

For many children, especially the poorest, it’s likely their Christmas this year is going to be pretty miserable.  If they do manage to see Santa in his Grotto will he be wearing a mask?  Will his elves have been tested for Covid-19 and how will that interfere with their gift wrapping duties?  What if Santa can’t visit at all this year because of the virus restrictions?

For people struggling to buy gifts for their children perhaps a convenient lie to tell would be that the virus has stopped Santa visiting.  Unfortunately, the better off will doubtless get visits so better to steer clear of that one.

Of course the children who won’t suffer are those of politicians and civil servants. Their parents’ salaries haven’t been affected at all by Covid-19 restrictions.  But it’s a very real possibility that hundreds of thousands of children won’t get Christmas gifts this year. Indeed they may not even get a Christmas dinner. Quite often when families struggle, they rely on grandparents who at least will provide food. But this year children may not be able to see their grandparents.

It may be that the Government will lift lockdown restrictions for Christmas. However, that’s not going to help people who have lost their businesses and jobs.  They don’t have the money to spend on luxuries.

We are all in it together

This must be the most irritating statement from politicians that has done the rounds this year.  The reality is that we are not all in it together.  As usual it is the working class that will suffer while those at the top won’t. How many times in history has this type of situation sparked revolutions?

When people have no jobs, are drowning in debt and can’t feed their children, let alone buy Christmas gifts, what else do they have to lose?  And why is this happening when more than 99% of the population will recover from this very weak virus?

Perhaps our ‘we are all in it together’ politicians can suggest how we can change the lies we tell our children at Christmas.  After all, many of them have mastered the art of lying with alacrity.

Let’s think of ways we can help the poorest children in the UK who won’t have a Christmas this year.  Irrespective of political views and the divisions that have been created in our society, perhaps we can try harder to help each other this year.

As usual we welcome any comments especially constructive ones. If you have any ideas about helping kids please send your suggestions to our West Midlands polygraph examiner or call our free helpline on 07572 748364. And if you are struggling to make ends meet make sure you bombard your MP with letters, emails or phone calls to seek help.  They’ve had a pay rise this year so they should be more than willing to assist.